Celebrating Women Owned: Bath Asana

Ever heard of a massage therapist never receiving a massage themselves? I had the pleasure of interviewing Maria Gonzalas, a massage therapist who abides a heavy workload and a busy lifestyle. She decided she needed something to help her enhance her quality of life. Being a massage therapist for 18 years, she made the executive decision […]

Celebrating Women-Owned: Vital Body Therapeutics

Can you imagine having your own spa at home? Or at least experience the luxuries and therapeutic effects as if you had one? Vital Body Therapeutics could be the gateway to turning your bathroom routine into a refreshing spa session with their whole-plant CBD products. Having the opportunity to interview Jennifer Galvin, co-owner of Vital […]

Spotlight Women-Owned – Alni CBD Bodycare

As we come to know ourselves in increments as time passes by, we piece together our perception of what coincides with our specific body chemistry to improve whatever keeps us from feeling anything but healthy. There is not one magic pill or supplement that will be successful for every individual in existence in alleviating their […]

Spotlight Women-Owned – Sagely Naturals

Sagely Naturals is a CBD business driven by the motive to help people get back to doing what they love to do. Kerrigan and Kaley are the founders and owners of Sagely Naturals, who previously worked in investment banks, and transitioned together into the restaurant industry. While working for banks is a little different than […]

Spotlight Women-Owned – Elmore Mountain Therapeutics CBD

Elmore Mountain Therapeutics was founded and ran by Ashley Reynolds, whose life changed after using CBD to help cope with postpartum anxiety. The positive results moved her enough to decide to become heavily involved in the CBD industry. Reynolds stated, “I saw that in Vermont there wasn’t a strong female presence in the budding cannabis […]