As we come to know ourselves in increments as time passes by, we piece together our perception of what coincides with our specific body chemistry to improve whatever keeps us from feeling anything but healthy. There is not one magic pill or supplement that will be successful for every individual in existence in alleviating their problems. However, I like to believe that there is something out there for everyone, no matter what they are dealing with or what they are going through. Cannabis is the medication that helped Alexandra, the CEO of Alni CBD Bodycare, to get back on her feet and keep moving toward her goals, after enduring an extremely abusive, harrowing and exigent past life.

What drove Alex to create Alni CBD Bodycare?

Alex was valiant to share her powerful story with me about what brought her into the CBD industry as a CEO of a successful uprising business. Growing up, Alex persevered through an abusive childhood, which led to her taking antidepressants for treatment. She suffered from chronic pelvic pain for over nine years since she was 19-years-old.

“I wanted to create a more affordable option with organic ingredients.”

While dealing with these medical issues, Alex also was a victim of sexual assault at this age, with the trauma of the incident being so critical, that she required emergency surgery and a blood transfusion. The trauma led to her development of Endometriosis, which is “when the tissue that makes up the uterine lining (the lining of the womb) is present on other organs inside your body”.

After her confirming her diagnosis in 2016, Alex needed surgery for her condition and was put on anti-anxiety medications as she also had PTSD and Anxiety from her assault. She ended up experiencing suicidal ideation from taking Valium and suffered multiple seizures while weaning off the medication. She decided to stop pharmaceuticals and switch to cannabis and CBD to help curve her symptoms.

Alni CBD Bodycare Clove/Cinnamon Arnica Salve 100mg CBD
Alni CBD Bodycare Clove/Cinnamon Arnica Salve 100mg CBD

At the time of this, she was working her way through graduate school to become a Spanish professor and unfortunately had to take a leave of absence, and began to work in the cannabis industry in Colorado. Beginning in infused edibles production, she worked her way into becoming a medical dispensary store supervisor, while still withstanding her ongoing physical and mental pain.

Endometriosis, the reason Alex founded Alni CBD Bodycare

“When I was a supervisor at the dispensary, I worked 45 hours a week and was in the most pain of my life,” Alex states. “That is when I realized how much endometriosis was affecting my life.” After retaining considerable information while working at the dispensary, including vital skills and techniques regarding compliance, safe-handling practices, & preventing cross-contamination, Alex took her newfound set of methods and created her own business.

“After working in the cannabis industry and seeing patients being taken advantage of by big companies overcharging for high CBD medicine,” Alex states. “I wanted to create a more affordable option with organic ingredients.”

Alni CBD Bodycare Grapefruit Salve with Arnica & Turmeric 100mg CBD
Alni CBD Bodycare Grapefruit Salve with Arnica & Turmeric 100mg CBD

Alex sells products through her company that she uses herself to help aid her endometriosis symptoms. All the ingredients used in her products are USDA certified organic and are NOT tested on animals. They are free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, chemicals, and dyes. The CBD isolate that is used is triple-lab tested from Colorado-grown hemp. She places current lab reports available to view on her website after every new batch of products.

She will be launching new CBD products, such as a vegan version of the CBD salve she uses for pain, CBD acne moisturizer, CBD suppositories and more. “What I love most about starting my business is connecting with fellow chronic pain sufferers and helping them find relief,” Alex states. “I hope to build my business to where I am able to donate a portion of my proceeds to an endometriosis nonprofit or a sexual violence nonprofit, or both!  Giving back and helping others is the only way I am able to heal after the trauma I experienced.” Alex is a resilient warrior as she continues to endeavor through her recovery while helping others heal at the same time.

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