Elmore Mountain Therapeutics was founded and ran by Ashley Reynolds, whose life changed after using CBD to help cope with postpartum anxiety. The positive results moved her enough to decide to become heavily involved in the CBD industry. Reynolds stated, “I saw that in Vermont there wasn’t a strong female presence in the budding cannabis industry. I felt that my belief in this amazing plant was something that I had to share with the world.”

Reynolds left her professional career as Dental Hygienist to pursue EMT CBD full time. “My almost 15-year commitment to preventative medicine has given me the essential tools to educate the public as well as healthcare professionals. I completed the professional certificate in Cannabis Science and Medicine at the University of Vermont in the Fall of last year.” With her education, it is no wonder she already is having an abundance of success with EMT.

Ashley Reynolds - Elmore Mountain Therapeutics CBD
Ashley Reynolds, Owner of Elmore Mountain Therapeutics CBD

What does Elmore Mountain Therapeutic specialize in?

Elmore Mountain Therapeutics specializes in whole hemp plant CBD extract, CBD balm, and CBD edible partnerships. They strived, in the beginning, to help other Vermont women-owned business to enter into the cannabis industry. This resulted in their balm productivity as a collaboration of three women and their edible companies are both owned by Vermont women!

Not only are they known for their credible CBD products, but Elmore Mountain Therapeutics works with a network of healthcare providers including acupuncturists, natural paths, massage therapist, yoga instructors, chiropractors and general physicians, to give a consistent message about the use of cannabis as medicine.

Reynolds’ commitment to customer service and access to educational and scientific information has made herself not only an instant advocate for cannabis but a spokesperson for the industry as a whole. She’s a mother, wife, and proud native Vermonter.

Visit their website to learn more.

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