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Are you a brand, company, or individual who works with hemp/cannabis and is in need of educational content for your website?

Are you a healthcare provider or legal counselor interested in joining the movement by expanding the availability and understanding of hemp? Are you a photographer featuring those beautiful trichomes? Are you a fitness professional that incorporates hemp topicals into their fitness regime? Are you an educator or an herbalist?

Our education plugin is created for all of you. Stand out among the crowd by licensing our content!

Don’t Lose Your Customers To Your Competitors!

Every month we provide you with Social Media Content and access to our monthly Zoom Strategy Sessions.

Hemp Class Field Trip


No matter what your chosen occupation, our educational plug-in expands your knowledge of cannabis and the industry. It’s updated monthly, so you’re never behind on industry news. This helps you more efficiently guide others on their cannabinoid journeys and provide accurate information.

Quality Service

Not only does our plug-in widen your knowledge, but it also provides clients and customers with information and the same vocabulary. This makes communication clearer & interactions easier for everyone.

Free Up Your Time and Money

At $49.99 a month, our plugin is the average cost of a bottle of CBD. Not only do you save money, but you also free up your time instead of writing articles.


A simple look is all you need to crush your competition. Visit a client’s page to see our plugin in action.


The more we share what helps us as individuals, the more we create a society centered around whole-body wellness & educated self-care. Our plugin frees up your time to focus on your business while we educate your customers.

Our plugin included 4 base categories (Hemp, Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Strains) and for additional cost pets, skincare, and cannabis studies. Our Cannabis studies category includes Medical Claims. It is intended for those who do not sell a hemp-based product.

Our plugin is developed on WordPress. If you using Shopify, Wix, or another platform we can host our plugin on our server for you via a subdomain. Example: library.choicesrva.com. Prices are subject to change!







How to Install

Download a zip file of our plugin here. Log into your WordPress admin area. Navigate to plugins > Add new Click “Upload Plugin” Choose the plugin zip file and upload/Install Activate Plugin Navigate to WordPress Settings > CBD.how Blogs
  1. Add your Blog API Subscription Key from https://my.cbd.vin/dashboard and hit the Authorize button
  2. Create a new page and title it “Education”
  3. Add a shortcode element and paste: [ get_blogs_categories ]
  4. We recommend that you add the following as your SEO Keyword (Recommend using Yoast SEO – it’s free!): YOURBRANDNAME Hemp Education
  5. Save the page
Content will be populated on your educational page.

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