Ever heard of a massage therapist never receiving a massage themselves? I had the pleasure of interviewing Maria Gonzalas, a massage therapist who abides a heavy workload and a busy lifestyle. She decided she needed something to help her enhance her quality of life. Being a massage therapist for 18 years, she made the executive decision to combine her knowledge, experience, and passion to create Bath Asana.

To help alleviate stress, she originally developed soothing bath salts (which don’t have CBD in the mix, just yet!) “Then, to amp up my bath, I created the Incomparable CBD body scrub which doubles as a body mask,” Maria explains in our interview.

After self-experimenting her own products and finding the therapeutic relief she needed, she began to use her products in her practice. “I am still doing massages on some of my favorite clients…” Maria states. “And they love Bath Asana too!”

Her clients have only given her positive feedback since she began to use CBD in her products.

Woman Entrepreneur Inspiration

“I feel grateful, empowered & inspired to express the elevated qualities of the hemp plant within the skin care line of Bath Asana for face & body.”

With Bath Asana as her second business, Maria is an ideal example of a woman leader in the growing cannabis industry. Maria worked extremely hard in the beginning, learning as she progressed in building Bath Asana as she did not go to school for business. Over two years of building her business and learning as she goes, Maria continues her massage career. By herself, Maria created her 7 unique formulas, every product label, and matching box, designed her website along with everything else that comes with building your own organization.

With how much energy and passion she puts into Bath Asana, there’s no doubt that her products are anywhere less than average.

“I feel grateful, empower and inspired to express the elevated qualities of the hemp plant within the skin care line of Bath Asana for Face and Body.” Maria plans to eventually find someone who can run the business side of things so she can shift her primary focus on her strength in product formulation.

Maria’s Advice to Other Women In the Industry

“One of the best attributes of working with CBD is that it combines harmoniously with other plant-based ingredients. CBD is like a conductor in the symphony where the intelligence and talent of the plant shine to yield powerful & beneficial results.
The movement across the entire hemp/marijuana industry is the revolution for the people and the collective love for this valuable plant has merit.”

“To see women creating viable businesses from hemp/marijuana is purposeful and designed to reach many people, across many markets. There is no surprise behind women rising to the occasion, with zest, creativity, fierce determination and polish to get the job done well. Starting a business is never easy in any market. Yet, I believe that forging ahead is our innate nature as women to build something significant out of the slightest for the benefit of all, and a true strength worth celebrating.”

Highlighted Products from Bath Asana

The Incomparable CBD Body Scrub

Bath Asana Incomparable CBD Body Scrub

The Incomparable CBD body scrub includes CBD, Arnica, Willowbark as well as other organic ingredients to provide the user a deep moisturization. Maria explains that the Incomparable CBD body scrub is her best seller. “Having worked in the spa industry for 18 years, I wanted more than a sugar and essential oil scrub,” Maria states. “[The Incomparable CBD body scrub] will slough off the hardest day or the hardest play.”

The Nourishing CBD Body Oil

Bath Asana Nourishing CBD Body Oil

After having so much success with the body scrub, Maria then developed a CBD body oil. “The body oil maximizes on therapeutic luxury as it acts like a nourishing body serum. It alleviates muscle aches, skin rashes, eczema and other sensitive skin issues.” The CBD harmonizes with other plant extracts, which will maximize the benefits received from using Maria’s plant-based, organic products. “I am getting into more complex formulations,” Maria states. “So I am moving into more of an active botanical, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory line with CBD being the star.”

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