Can you imagine having your own spa at home? Or at least experience the luxuries and therapeutic effects as if you had one? Vital Body Therapeutics could be the gateway to turning your bathroom routine into a refreshing spa session with their whole-plant CBD products. Having the opportunity to interview Jennifer Galvin, co-owner of Vital Body Therapeutics, I learned that she and Kelly Stoll, together, have run Vital Body Therapeutics for about 7 years, with the goal in helping their clients enhance their quality of life.

Vital Body Therapeutics Owners Jennifer Galvin & Kelly Stroll
Vital Body Therapeutics Owners Jennifer Galvin & Kelly Stroll

The Practice of Massage + CBD

Jennifer, being a previous Massage Therapist, and Kelly as a previous Rolfer (a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues, called fascia, that permeate the entire body), they initially began their business as a means of massage therapy services and education about self-care techniques for their clients.

“During the course of our conversations with clients, we started hearing from many of them that they were using medical marijuana and/or CBD to help with a variety of health conditions – pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep disorders, etc,” Jennifer states. “This led us to do our own extensive research into cannabis and its viability for treating pain, inflammation, and skin irritation specifically. The scientific research and anecdotal evidence we found about the benefits of CBD were very positive.”

From there, Vital Body Therapeutics began to incorporate CBD in their handcrafted house massage creams. They beta tested their newly formulated massage cream during massages for clients until they met the benchmarks they had set for texture, absorption, scent, and most importantly, effectiveness. Not only did the clients report that they enjoyed massage sessions with the CBD infused creams, but the therapists enjoyed the healing effects it provided them with their hard-at-work hands as well. It’s a win-win situation in wellness and relaxation for both parties!

Jennifer and Kelly are driven to help their clients to stay active, healthy, pain/stress-free without having to rely on pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgery… to feel naturally VITAL.

Vital Body Therapeutics Muscle Joint Pain Relief
Vital Body Therapeutics Muscle Joint Pain Relief

Vital Body Therapeutics Product Information

Along with full spectrum CBD, their products contain a blend of organic herbs, which include Arnica, Chamomile, Comfrey, Devil’s Claw, Ginger Root, Holy Basil, Thyme, and St. John’s Wort. All of which contain powerful healing properties, thus supporting and enhancing the benefits of what CBD does alone. Vital Body Therapeutics currently have four CBD products available: 200mg pain relief cream and balm, 100mg Epsom soak, and massage cream in two sizes, 2400mg/48oz and 6400mg/128oz.

Jennifer and Kelly both use their own products for their personal uses. Recently spraining her ankle, Jennifer explained that using their CBD cream “has been hugely helpful in keeping the swelling at bay and the pain to a minimum.” Kelly also uses their products as a means of pain relief, as she lives a very active lifestyle. “Kelly’s favorite use of CBD is to take Epsom soaks after a long day of work or a workout,” she explained. “She says it relaxes her more deeply than anything else she’s tried and helps her sleep better.”

They plan to expand their line, with future possibilities including internal use oils and tinctures.

Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Massage Cream
Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Massage Cream

Gratitude, Inspiration, and Empowerment

Not only do they show a big heart in serving to help their clients physically and mentally recover, but these women also strive to give back to the community by donating a portion of their profits to a local charity, in which will take place “in the not-too-distant future,” according to Jennifer.

This means their clients will be helping themselves through treatment while helping a local charity out at the same time just by being there. So much gratitude in one place!

After entering the cannabis industry, Jennifer and Kelly are now part of this growing revolution that manifests on a large scale of this industry. Jennifer describes being a woman CEO in a previously male-dominated industry as empowering and inspiring.

“We surround ourselves with smart, bold, strong women who lift us up in some way on a daily basis, and we try to do the same in return”

“We surround ourselves with smart, bold, strong women who lift us up in some way on a daily basis, and we try to do the same in return,” Jennifer explains. “… We are showing young girls and women that they have equal rights and the ability to be entrepreneurs or in leadership positions.”

Women taking over the industry opens up a newfound culture of business as competition ideals curve. Jennifer sees it as a more friendly competition, rather than it being treated like a democracy. “Even if we are competitors – and trust me, we love to compete – there is still usually a sense of solidarity and openness amongst us because we are women,” Jennifer explains. “I think we have less fear than men in many respects. We have more trust in the idea that we can ALL be successful by lifting each other up rather than trampling over each other on our to the top.”

CBD Spa Day? I’m Down!

If I lived in California, I would definitely take the time to visit Vital Body Therapeutics. With all the benefits a person receives from using their CBD products, imagine getting all those benefits on top of receiving a therapeutic massage session, and then walking out with new knowledge of self-care techniques you can use in your personal time. That sounds like a total mind and body revitalization. The CBD massage cream alone just sounds… heavenly!

If you are interested in learning more about Vital Body Therapeutics or viewing their products, please visit their website listed below.

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