PhytoFamily Pixel Pour Syrup – Grape – 100mg – 60ml Review

PhytoFamily Pixel Pour Syrup is a full-bodied syrup you can mix in a beverage, or in plain water. It contains 100mg of CBD and CBG from full spectrum hemp crumble. 60ml comes in a bottle and it can make up to 3 drinks. I took this CBD over the course of three days, taking 1/3 […]

Phytodabs Banana Kush High-Terp Isolate Review

I was sent a half gram of this Phytodabs Banana Kush High-Terp Isolate by a very generous fellow mod Bevon. I love PhytoFamily, but I don’t like CBD isolate with added terpenes. At least I don’t like dabbing it (in a rig or a pen [Lynx Hypnos]). Added terpenes like this are very abrasive and […]

My Road Trip with Phytodabs, Hemp Direct and Receptra Naturals

I started writing this blog to detail how I was going to use products from Phytodabs, Hemp Direct and Receptra Naturals to help me and my family on our road trip from Florida to Pennsylvania to visit family for the 4th of July. In addition to doing so I saw for myself how when the news say […]

Amber 71% crumble from Phytodabs

I received 500mg of amber crumble from Phytodabs earlier today and tried it out while playing pool. When I play pool, I always go into these hyper phases where I can’t relax and I end up going on these horrible droughts. The crumble kept me at ease for three hours. I’ve tried a few cbd […]