PhytoFamily Pixel Pour Syrup – Grape – 100mg – 60ml Review

PhytoFamily Pixel Pour Syrup is a full-bodied syrup you can mix in a beverage, or in plain water. It contains 100mg of CBD and CBG from full spectrum hemp crumble. 60ml comes in a bottle and it can make up to 3 drinks. I took this CBD over the course of three days, taking 1/3 […]

Phytodabs Banana Kush High-Terp Isolate Review

I was sent a half gram of this Phytodabs Banana Kush High-Terp Isolate by a very generous fellow mod Bevon. I love PhytoFamily, but I don’t like CBD isolate with added terpenes. At least I don’t like dabbing it (in a rig or a pen [Lynx Hypnos]). Added terpenes like this are very abrasive and […]

My Road Trip with Phytodabs, Hemp Direct and Receptra Naturals

I started writing this blog to detail how I was going to use products from Phytodabs, Hemp Direct and┬áReceptra Naturals┬áto help me and my family on our road trip from Florida to Pennsylvania to visit family for the 4th of July. In addition to doing so I saw for myself how when the news say […]

Amber 71% crumble from Phytodabs

I received 500mg of amber crumble from Phytodabs earlier today and tried it out while playing pool. When I play pool, I always go into these hyper phases where I can’t relax and I end up going on these horrible droughts. The crumble kept me at ease for three hours. I’ve tried a few cbd […]