PhytoFamily Pixel Pour Syrup is a full-bodied syrup you can mix in a beverage, or in plain water. It contains 100mg of CBD and CBG from full spectrum hemp crumble. 60ml comes in a bottle and it can make up to 3 drinks. I took this CBD over the course of three days, taking 1/3 each morning. Each time, I used water to mix with it. The flavor of this particular bottle is grape, and it delivers a sweet, candy-grape tang. I really enjoyed drinking the mixed water.

Over the course of these three days, I have been on my period. When I woke up each morning, I had heavy, painful cramps. My time of the month always comes with abdomen and back pain, so even sitting up feels awful. I took Pixel Pour after my morning routine each morning and it took around 15-20 minutes for it to kick in. My cramps minimized. I still had a little bit of pain, but it was much more tolerable. I didn’t have back pain anymore, but my abdomen still felt a little crampy. It became tolerable enough for me to get on with my plans for each day. This, with a cup of Matcha green tea and a balanced breakfast, put me in the best mood despite that the cramps were still trying to hang on. I even had some creativity spur to start a new portrait of one of my favorite tattoo artists.

PhytoFamily Pixel Pour Syrup - Grape - 100mg - 60ml Review

I definitely recommend Pixel Pour for pain, it helped minimize my lady cramps and help me stay in a great mood to complete my daily routine for the course of 3 days, and even helped me with starting a new art project. Usually, when I am on my period, I have little to no energy to get maybe half of what I want to do in a day. This product definitely made a huge difference in coping with my menstrual symptoms.

PhytoFamily Pixel Pour Syrup – Grape Details

This formulation has a higher concentration of CBG (cannabigerol) than their old syrup packets and bottles. It is made from an alcohol-based tincture formulation of our Ratios Crumble. This tincture formulation reduces separation when you pour your drink. The tincture formulation contains less than 0.5% alcohol which is less than a kombucha.

Most people create 1-3 drinks out of a bottle of syrup. The bottle is resealable and is conveniently marked with volume measurements. Shake well before mixing your drink.

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PhytoFamily Pixel Pour Syrup - Grape - 100mg - 60ml Review

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