I started writing this blog to detail how I was going to use products from Phytodabs, Hemp Direct and Receptra Naturals to help me and my family on our road trip from Florida to Pennsylvania to visit family for the 4th of July. In addition to doing so I saw for myself how when the news say that Opioids are destroying our precious towns I can say that I understand.

With that out of the way, I wanted to use our road trip as an experiment to see if using CBD would help me stay focus on the road and recover after. I first started with using Phytodabs isolate to help keep me focus on the road first thing in the morning.

To give you some context, I think I fell asleep around 12:30 am Thursday night and woke up around 7:15 am. This is about average for me. I ate a scrambled egg sandwich for breakfast and had about 6 oz. of coffee in the car with me.

Phytodabs 99% High Terp Isolate - Ghost Train Haze
Phytodabs 99% High Terp Isolate – Ghost Train Haze

I took a hit of Phytodabs 99% High Terp Isolate – Ghost Train Haze from my Saionara Pico kit ten minutes before we left South Florida at 8:30 am.

The Saionara Pico kit has become one of my favorite vape kits to date. Even though it’s not small like my regular wax pen I love that I can adjust the air flow through the Saionara atomizer. This allows me to get much better hits than other atomizers. The Saionara has 4 small holes that have a twist-able cover that you can twist to cover to adjust how much air you suck in.

The CBD lasted in my system for about 5 hours. However, during the drive up I was supplementing my CBD with Hemp Direct 250mg Pure Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge & Pen. I was taking hits from the Hemp Direct Vape pen every 2 hours or so.

For those of you who have taken long drives you know that your ankle and wrist and fingers hurt from the constant movements. I used my Receptra Natural Targeted Topical to rub my sore ankle and wrist before and during the drive.

I started feeling sleepy around 2 pm on Friday and we took a 20 minute stop to get gas, order Subway and stretch out.

After switching drivers around 2:20 pm I took a 2 hour nap to recharge myself. I ended up driving again various times throughout the night taking 20 minute breaks to stretch our legs. We finally made it to Maryland around 1 am. Before I went to bed I was starting to feel sick. I think it was due to the long drive without much movement. I decided to take a pair of Nyquil capsules and used my Saionara Kit to use Phytodabs 99% High Terp Isolate – Ghost Train Haze.

Yesterday morning, I used the Saionara too continue using the Isolate and throughout the day I had my Hemp Direct Vape pen in my pocket for on the go.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs

They wanted to visit Washington D.C. and I was too tired to go walking because I knew we had another 4 hour drive today. I parked and did some work in the car. The most funny thing that happen to me was right before we decided to leave I noticed that for 2 hours I was parked right in front of the Veterans Administration building down the blog from the White House. I found it funny and surreal in the fact that as a veteran I ended up finding a parking spot right in front of the administration that take care of me and many other military veterans.

Today we left Maryland to drive to Pennsylvania and I did the same thing like when I started out trip on Friday morning. We ended up having to take a detour because there was a bad accident on the highway. I decided to take the scenic route to make it more of a true road trip.

Driving through the countryside made me really appreciate life. The beauty of the slower pace of life and all the greenery was truly a site to see. I hope everyone can enjoy that experience one day.

An awesome donut sign in York, PA
An awesome donut sign in York, PA

As we drove through York, Pennsylvania, I started to understand how some people are dependent on Opioids. There really isn’t much to do there compare to larger cities with many activities. So when someone who is down on their luck and decide to use Opioids as a way to cope I truly understand.

On a lovely Sunday afternoon their Main Street was very empty. There were a few young adults sitting on their apartment steps watching all the rerouted traffic. I could imagine that it’s not every day that they see a lot of out of town cars.

We passed by a very nice baseball field with fair rides. It seemed that most of the families were there that day. As I continue to drive we noticed old buildings and factories that are no longer in operation and I can feel the pain of those who lost their jobs and wish that the government would bring back work. There was however this nice paper mill that is still in operation.

Yorktown Paper
Yorktown Paper

I saw this cool old school sign for Betances Realty Group on the side of a house as I was rounding a sharp corner and I just wanted to give them a shout out from an out of town traveler saw their sign.  I pulled over a few times during the drive to take the attached pictures and take in the scenery. During those times we stopped, I took a few minutes to appreciate life and felt glad that I am a part of this great CBD community. I am thankful that I can help give back to those in need and help those who are dependent on Opioids and suffering from diseases and ailments. CBD and Medical Cannabis have been able to help people like us to deal with our pains and struggles without having to resort to medications that can kill us.

PA Countryside
PA Countryside

So for those of you out there reading this don’t give up and don’t give in. My final thoughts as I finish this blog I want to say that using CBD has truly helped me. It helped the pain I felt in my ankles from the long drive, it helped me stay focus on the road and it is helping me recover right now as I write. I know with a good night sleep I will feel refreshed tomorrow. So the next time you take a long trip make sure you pack CBD in your travel bag. You don’t want to be miles away in pain and not able to take CBD.

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