Waking up in the morning with your body stiff is for the birds. Neck hurts, back hurts. I just want to cry sometimes. But then I realize some people have it worse. So, I am thankful. Being able to use CBD to help me deal with my pain and anxiety is so much better than having to pop pills that are costly and over time can damage my insides.

While there is still a lot to be done in researching CBD it’s still safer than drugs that are created in a lab. CBD comes from a natural plant that has been used for generations.

Yesterday I helped my sister move so I really needed to take something to get some energy and not feel so sore.
I decided that I was going to vape some Full Spectrum CBD Slabs from Phytodabs and see how it affects me.

So, I decided to use my 500 mg Full Spectrum Slabs with Strain-Specific Terpenes – Grape Ape that I have used previously. I am also using my trusty Saionara Pico Kit to vape the Grape Ape.

I love how the cover of the glass jar is colored in purple hues just like a grape.

Full Spectrum Slabs With Strain Specific Terpenes Grape Ape with Saionara Pico Kit & Vsyndicate Dabit Card
Full Spectrum Slabs With Strain Specific Terpenes Grape Ape with Saionara Pico Kit & Vsyndicate Dabit Card

Full Spectrum Slabs with Strain-Specific Terpenes – Grape Ape Review

The first thing I notice when I open the jar is the strong fruity scent. It’s not over-powerful but it’s distinct. You can’t miss it.

The full spectrum CBD slab itself is glistening. Little white specs all over the tan colored slab. Did I mention the scent? Omg ????.

I broke off a little piece and place it in on top of the coils of the Saionara atomizer. The CBD is very fragile. If you press on it too much is crumbles. I ended up grabbing my V-Syndicate Dabit card and used one of the curved tools to put the slab on top of the atomizer coils.

Like always I adjusted the air flow on my atomizer by turning the cover. My Saionara Pico Kit setting is at 16.9 watts and .31 ohms.

I found that the best way to use the Pico kit is to hit the fire button and wait a good 2 seconds before I inhale. I hold the vape in my mouth then I slowly part my lips so that I can inhale fully into my lungs.

This prevents a lot of unnecessary coughing.

I can taste the grape ape fruity flavor as soon as I exhale the vapors. I can also feel the effects almost right away.

The difference is night and day. It’s like my eyes are open and I can feel the light around me. Everything seems brighter. It’s a weird sensation.

I can tell the CBD is working because in the mornings my anxiety ramps up. Like when I’m driving to work I feel really tense for no reason at all. If I take CBD orally in the morning it doesn’t hit me until a couple hours later.

The rest of the day was great. Outside of the first ten minutes of running up and down the steps with boxes I was beat. But I ended up pushing through. I felt energized. It was a mix of the CBD and just trying to get the move over and done.

Saionara Pico Kit with Grape Ape
Saionara Pico Kit with Grape Ape

The feeling lasted way into the night as we finished unpacking. Even though Grape Ape is an Indica strain, which is normally used to relax, I didn’t feel relaxed. Even today I got up feeling drained and ended up using the Grape Ape to help give me energy. So, using an Indica strain during the day is something you can try to see if it helps you while out and about.

Yesterday it poured! So much so that it was hard to drive in the highway. So, the gloomy weather would normally have me feeling down and in pain. But, I wasn’t and it’s all because of the CBD.

I highly recommend buying the Full Spectrum Slabs With Strain-Specific Terpenes – Grape Ape from Phytodabs for your next purchase.

Grape Ape Breakdown

500 mg – $34.99
100 mg – $64.99

The beauty of their Full Spectrum Slabs are their complex cannabinoid profile.  With their 99.9% CBD Isolate, you are only getting CBD.  That is a great, but it what if you wanted more for a different pace?  With these full spectrum extracts, the CBD percentage may be lower than 99% isolate, but the CBG / CBC / CBN / CBD-V are much higher.

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