I was sent a half gram of this Phytodabs Banana Kush High-Terp Isolate by a very generous fellow mod Bevon.

I love PhytoFamily, but I don’t like CBD isolate with added terpenes. At least I don’t like dabbing it (in a rig or a pen [Lynx Hypnos]). Added terpenes like this are very abrasive and astringent on my respiratory system, and I’m used to inhaling some pretty strong vapors. Phyto’s full spectrum CBD slabs have never given me this feeling, but when I hit the CBD isolate with terpenes I immediately get a burning in my throat and lungs, followed by minutes of excessive saliva production.

That being said, this stuff is legitimate medicine still and it still soothed my mind and stomach.

My favorite thing to do with harsh products like this is to add a little piece to my Extreme Q vaporizer bowl with some CBD flower and maybe a little normal weed as well, depending on what I’m going for (insomnia relief, appetite stimulant, anxiety relief, stomach cramp relief). This way I get a significant spike in CBD in my vapor, get some terpenes (those vaporizer bags taste SO good), get a nice entourage effect, and avoid the negative respiratory side effects.

Phytodabs Banana Kush High-Terp Isolate ReviewPhytoFamily Banana Kush High-Terp Isolate

Smell – 11/10: – (This is delicious, I want to eat it or cover myself in it hahaha) Taste – 9/10 (Once I get past the harshness it’s amazing!)

Potency – 10/10: (I want to add that for the few minutes following a dab of this stuff I definitely feel some psychoactive effect. It’s probably a combination of CBD+terpenes+the act of dabbing+placebo. It was nice and short-lived. Did not get “high.”)

Quality/Purity – 8/10: (I feel like there is a way to add terpenes in a less harsh manner, I’m not so sure though. This is definitely pure CBD isolate!) Overall value – 9/10. I’d prefer the full spectrum slab, but this is $10 cheaper and provides the same amount of CBD. If I didn’t have the negative respiratory effects then this would be my recurrent purchase FOR SURE. For now, I’m going to stick with their full spectrum slabs. Tastes and feels a lot less processed to me.

Phytodabs Banana Kush High-Terp Isolate ReviewI hope this review was helpful. If you currently smoke (read:combust) anything then this harshness of this shouldn’t really be an issue. I’d love to find an isolate + terpenes that doesn’t burn my throat when dabbing. Full spectrum slabs will just have to do for now!

Thanks again to our wonderful chief mod Bevon for “sponsoring” this review by sending some high quality CBD my way. With PhytoFamily, you can’t really go wrong.

Good luck to everyone trying to find a good medicine regimen for their ailments. My favorite is definitely pre-filled CBD cartridges from my dispensary. The price makes them unsustainable to use daily though. One day, hopefully, they’ll be like $40 for 500mg so I can medicate with them without going broke.

Happy December, from your favorite rock-climbing CBD-using IBS-having moderator!

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