Morcheaba 500mg CBD Tincture (Vanilla Cinnamon) is a great alternative to anxiety medication. The taste is great and the product is very easy to use. Since my anxiety affects my stomach, taking certain things sometimes upset it more but I didn’t have any issues with this CBD product in that way.

Morcheaba 500mg CBD Tincture Helped Curb my Anxiety Attacks

I took the suggested amount and it slightly calmed my anxiety. I continued following the suggested amount for a few days and only saw slight changes.

I doubled the dosage at the start of one of my anxiety attacks and it stopped the mild shaking within minutes, and I no longer had the urge to puke. The attack lasted around 30-45 mins and slowly faded off. After continuing to take it regularly every few hours, my appetite returned within the 15 mins of taking it.

My anxiety is very crippling and I usually can’t get up and move for the first few hours after an attack. Being on the tincture, I could feel the difference in strength to get around and move on with my day.

I began to really feel normal after 4 days of using the product. I was able to function while going to the grocery store and even the bank when normally I had issues to handle that. My anxiety usually spikes when running errands and I felt comfortable to do them while using Morcheaba.

It Uplifted my Mood and Energy

Something else to note is that it helped me become interested in conversation. I felt slightly less depressed after a few days of being on it. It gave me the desire to continue a conversation when the effects were in place.

I could clearly notice the difference in my mood from when I could feel the effects come on too when the effects faded.

I almost wish the relief would last for a longer period of time and possibly increase my appetite since that’s what I struggle with most. I had to up the dose to two to regain my appetite. while I was at lunch I took my double dose and was able to finish more food then I would without it.

I also noticed an energy boost while I was running. I noticed I was calmer while running and felt less fatigued than I normally do.

In Conclusion

The bottle said take 1ml with 30 servings in the bottle.

I was taking 2ml for my anxiety attacks around 2-4 times a day. This made the bottle go pretty quickly but also shows the severity of my anxiety and how frequent the attacks are.

I finished the bottle in 6 days.

Overall, it felt very calming and relaxing if I caught my anxiety attack earlier enough. No drowsiness. No stomach ache. While on it, I felt fully functional which was perfect for this week. I’ve had a very anxiety-ridden week due to moving. Keeping me calm was key and it sure did just that. I definitely recommend this product for anyone suffering anxiety!

Product Info:

Morcheaba 500mg Hemp Extract Drops

Morcheaba worked diligently with food scientists and terpene chemists to develop the DAYTIME formulation.


Cost: $74.99

Lab reports may be found on their website.

* This product may contain legal trace amounts of THC. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated the statements herein. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product contains less than 0.3% or less of THC. Not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18.

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