COVID-19: Simple tips, including CBD, with Jacqueline Montoya, MD

On 4/7/2020 Bevon Findley talked with Dr. Jacqueline Montoya from Greenmed in Palm Beach County, Florida. The topics covered were the importance of staying home and limiting contact with others, saving N95 masks for emergency personnel and using Hemp CBD during this stressful time. Dr. Jacqueline Montoya is a double board-certified emergency medicine/critical care physician […]

USA Triathlon is Now Sponsored by CBD Brand

The sports industry is further taking part of accepting the use of CBD. The USA triathlon has signed a deal with a business that sells CBD products.

This is the first sports organization of its kind as a national governing body of an American sport to partner with a CBD company. Most sports organizations still tiptoe around the idea of CBD as some still associate it with the illicit use of marijuana. 

CBD Product Breakdown: CBD Eye Drops

Have you heard of CBD Eye Drops?

A tip came through on a brand known as This Stuff is Good For You, from Las Vegas, NV.

We checked them out and discovered they sell CBD eye drops. Here is a break down of my concerns regarding this product.

The Benefits of CBD and Sauna Therapy

Sauna therapy is an excellent addition to add to your self care routine. Combining these benefits with the use of CBD can maximize the healing aspects of both regimens. Let’s compare the benefits of CBD and sauna therapy.