Baby Hooter 25mg CBD Blue Raspberry Drink Mix Review

Our business is really beginning to flourish as we are expanding into holding social and networking events within the CBD industry. This means that we must adapt to a more social and extroverted state of being while we continue to put ourselves out there to help bring awareness of the CBD movement. Being someone who […]

Morcheaba 500mg CBD Tincture Review

Morcheaba 500mg CBD Tincture (Vanilla Cinnamon) is a great alternative to anxiety medication. The taste is great and the product is very easy to use. Since my anxiety affects my stomach, taking certain things sometimes upset it more but I didn’t have any issues with this CBD product in that way. Morcheaba 500mg CBD Tincture […]

SAUC CBD Sour Deisel E-liquid Review

One great way to get a mentality boost without using marijuana flower or concentrate is using SAUC Premium Cannabidiol E-liquid 300mg. The Sour Diesel flavored e-liquid is perfect for relaxing your mind and boosting your creativity. Here’s how it helped me. I noticed today while writing a blog, relaxing my mind was a challenge. It […]

CBD Benefits For Chronic Pain

CBD benefits for chronic pain have been shown to help many illnesses like insomnia, cancer, epilepsy and arthritis. Not everyone wants to pop pills every 4-6 hours for pain all while hurting one’s liver. This is the beauty of CBD. It helps the body without many¬†harsh side effects that you get with hard drugs. CBD […]