Misinformation Monday: Can all CBD oil be Vaped? Welcome to our third episode!

Today we are covering the myth of “Vaping any CBD oil”. Is this truly safe and ok to do?

Short and sweet .. NO. Do NOT vape CBD oil/tincture!

It’s not going to work well or taste good. It can actually make you very sick!

Only vape CBD vape liquid or CBD oil that indicates that it is safe to vaporize. 


This industry is very unregulated so CBD brands pretty much can claim and slap on any info to their labels as they want and may not even know what they are talking about. This is the scary part.

This is why it is important to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and EDUCATE yourself so you may recognize which products are reliable and safe and which ones to avoid.

Happy Monday everyone! Stay safe.
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Example CBD oil from beezybeezhoney.

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