There are a few different ways to administer CBD. Federally legal CBD hemp oil is made from high-CBD, low-THC hemp. The CBD interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system. This system regulates the body’s general state of balance. CBD helps the body’s mood, sleep, hormone regulation, sleep, appetite, and pain. As diseases impact our body’s natural balance, CBD helps correct the reaction to keep the balance level.

CBD Hemp oil Comes in Various Formats

Pure CBD oils

Pure CBD oils are all-natural hemp oil extracted from the stalk of the hemp plant and packaged with no additives added. These have the highest concentration of CBD, usually 100mg or more in each serving.

CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals are taking externally in either cream, balms or salves. You can apply it directly onto your skin, slowly massaging until it is fully absorbed by the skin. These are enriched with all-natural elements like oils, botanical blends, and spices. These are great for joint pain, muscle soreness, and after workout regimen.

CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures are one of the more popular options available. It is in a liquid form, which is made by diluting the pure oil into alcohol. It is normally applied under the tongue in 1-20mg per serving. It can come in many flavors making it easy to swallow and enjoyable by everyone.

CBD Capsules

If you are used to taking medicine in pill form, then CBD capsules might be for you. It comes in a capsule that is easy to swallow and is released slowly in the body. You can add it to your daily regimen. It is usually 25mg or more.

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