Using full spectrum CBD almost daily has helped my body stay in homeostasis in a chronic manner. Being able to experience this, (which I feel most of my life I hadn’t been in Homeostasis which is why I had manifested unwanted health conditions over time) I realized that if you can chronically manifest negative outcomes, you can manifest positive outcomes as well. But it all starts with what frequency you are resonating at. This is why CBD is so powerful because it promotes balance and harmony within the body, starting with the nervous system. And the nervous system is connected to everything.

After truly understanding this, I began to perform shadow work, or working on improving what is keeping me out of alignment within myself and my life. My depression and anxiety still linger from time to time as I still get triggered by things that remind me of negative things from my memories that I still need to alter within my perception and make it something positive, so I may let it go and allow it to not hold me in my past anymore. Move forward and lighten up my being.

Combining CBD and meditation has helped me realize I don’t have to initially react to whatever is triggering me and get lost in the thought, I can respond rather than react by neutrally observing the trigger, just letting it be and not let it affect me negatively, and then just let it go. I’m realizing the more I do this with each trigger or negative thing that comes into my focus, the lighter my being gets and the more in align with my Self and reality I become. It is all connected. This is why CBD is so powerful. It is basically like liquid meditation. It keeps you calm and collected rather than in fight or flight mode.

Thank you for listening to my video, this wasn’t easy to talk about since it’s very deep and I don’t normally express this process. But I am grateful I did and I truly hope it helps at least one person out there.

If you’re interested in learning more about these concepts in mastering your mind and reality, please refer to Dr. Joe Dispenza. His book, Becoming Supernatural, is what opened my mind up to all the information I talk about in this video, like the brainwaves and how our reality is just a mirror of what’s going on inside our heads. I love and appreciate you all! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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