Mastering the Mind using CBD

Using full spectrum CBD almost daily has helped my body stay in homeostasis in a chronic manner. Being able to experience this, (which I feel most of my life I hadn’t been in Homeostasis which is why I had manifested unwanted health conditions over time) I realized that if you can chronically manifest negative outcomes, you can manifest positive outcomes as well. But it all starts with what frequency you are resonating at. This is why CBD is so powerful because it promotes balance and harmony within the body, starting with the nervous system. And the nervous system is connected to everything.


Did you know that ADD and ADHD are anxiety-related disorders? Not having the ability to concentrate to complete simple tasks can be debilitating on a person’s mind. While CBD isn’t a cure for ADD/ADHD (or any disorder I might add), it can help alleviate the symptoms that come with the ailment. Understanding ADD/ADHD Attention deficit […]