The sports industry is further taking part in accepting the use of CBD. The USA triathlon has signed a deal with a business that sells CBD products.

This is the first sports organization of its kind as a national governing body of an American sport to partner with a CBD company. Most sports organizations still tiptoe around the idea of CBD as some still associate it with the illicit use of marijuana. 

This is a huge step in lessening the stigma within the sports industry.

The business sponsoring the triathlon is Pure Spectrum, which is based in Colorado. This sponsorship will assist in supporting the growth of this sport while also helping fees for races and other costs in relation to the triathlon at a reasonable level.

While this is a big step, it isn’t the first of the sports industry getting involved with CBD. Crossfit and Ultimate Fighting Championship also support the use of CBD. However, the risk for a national governing body of an Olympic sport is higher because those organizations have to abide by all WADA regulations and submit to the most intense drug testing protocols.

Rocky Harris, chief executive of USA Triathlon stated, “We need to be able to say if you use this product, you will NOT fail a drug test.”

Why Pure Spectrum?

Harris explained they felt comfortable partnering with Pure Spectrum because the company controls the manufacturing process from the beginning and tests the products 5 times during production to ensure they do not have any THC.

This is great news for athletes as CBD is becoming more widely accepted within the sports industry. With CBD’s potentials in promoting faster recovery, keeping pain and inflammation down, and boosting energy levels, it makes a great supplement for any athlete of any kind.

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