One of the primary differences between sativa and indica is their appearance. While sativa plants have light green, skinny leaves, indica plants have dark green, full bodied leaves.

Indicas are generally known to produce more of a body high, with the stronger strains providing a sedative effect. Indicas work well for those who suffer from pain or insomnia. Some indica strains also help relax the mind and leaves the user more social.

There are various indica strains available, so we picked 3 strains that really stood out to us.

God’s Gift

God’s Gift uplifts the mood with the first couple puffs. It is the child of OG Kush and has powerful THC levels as well as strong Indica properties. Take a few more puffs, and waves of tranquility will envelope your body, seeking out and extinguishing every little ache and pain you have gathered throughout the day. Soon your body will be numb and locked into the couch.

God’s gift weed will give you the munches, the giggles, and finally send you floating on cloud nine into dreamland.

Medically speaking, God’s Gift is frequently prescribed for stress and pain. It can be helpful in mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADD, and ADHD.  It can help with pain in disorders like Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and sciatica. It also can alleviate inflammation symptoms.

This weed strain can also help with nausea and lack of appetite. Being a powerful sedative, it can be used to help tackle insomnia.

The taste consists of earthy sweetness, with hints of grape.

Black Domina

If you suffer from insomnia, Black Domina may just be the strain for you!
Black Domina is 95% Indica. While its not an entirely stable strain, it has genetics that include four powerful Indicas: a landrace Afghanistan, Canadian Ortega, Northern Lights, and Hash Plant.

This strain is potent! Most users report feeling euphoric and uplifted if lightly smoked. Take any more, however, the user becomes embodied by a numbing sensation, which manifests into a feeling of nearly overwhelming laziness. The desire to sleep after using Black Domina can be too powerful to ignore. This is the ultimate couchlock strain, or bedlock in this case. ????

The potent Indica effects of this strain make it ideal for night time. Users often report that it alleviates migraines, nausea, and severe aches and pains. Some people use this strain for the relief of stress, anxiety, depression, and of course, insomnia.

The flavor consists of a woody, pine, earthy sensation. The smell of Black Domina alone might put you in the enchanted forest!

The negative effects are typical: dry eyes and mouth, occasional dizziness, anxiety and paranoia. Always start with a small hit first to see how the strain effects you.

Hindu Kush

Having a lazy Sunday? Try pairing it with Hindu Kush!

Hindu Kush is the pure indica parent of many known Kush strains. It originated in the Hindu Mountains, hence the name. The extreme environmental conditions created this strain as hearty, with a protective coating of thick, icy trichomes.

Hindu Kush is the ultimate relaxing Indica.  It is a perfect compliment to a lazy afternoon with friends or loved ones. This strain will make you want to kick back and enjoy life. You will forget all the problems of the day and sink into deep relaxation.

This strain is also great for pain and stress relief. All the little aches and pains that result from chronic stress will dissolve away. You’ll be locked to the couch with tingling sensations and a sense of comfortable warmth.

This strain also gives you the munchies, which makes food taste especially amazing!

Hindu Kush will cause a quick rise in mood.  You will feel light and easy. This is the perfect strain for listening to music or binge watching a favorite television series. You will feel more absorbed in your activities and your focus will be deep and hypnotic.  Hindu Kush can turn a sad yucky day into a joyous, winding-down experience.

The flavors and aromas underlie its origin in the Hindu Kush mountains. Hindu Kush has the smell of pine, lemon, earthiness, herbal, floral, and oak wood. This strain is reminiscent of the original wild weed prototypes which developed without human cultivation, producing their fragrances, tastes, and aromas as natural defenses against predators and other plants moving in on their territory.


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