Terpenes Series: Limonene

When life gives you lemons, you get Limonene! Just by the name, you can assume it’s associated with a lemon or citrus flavor. As stated in our previous post, Terpenes are aromatic molecules produced from the resin of plants. Along with flavonoids, terpenes are the scents/smells that we associate with plants. Terpenes have been shown […]

Understanding Dominant Types: Sativa

There are a variety of cannabis strain dominants that produce different effects on the mind and body when used. These dominants include sativa, indica, hybrid, CBD and harmony 1:1. Let’s Start with Sativa Sativa plants can grow upwards of 25 feet tall but most stay under 12 feet. The leaves are light green, long and […]

Understanding Dominant Types: Indica

One of the primary differences between sativa and indica is their appearance. While sativa plants have light green, skinny leaves, indica plants have dark green, full bodied leaves. Indicas are generally known to produce more of a body high, with the stronger strains providing a sedative effect. Indicas work well for those who suffer from […]

5 High CBD Strains That Are Perfect For Anxiety

In the current world, our attention is continually pulled this way and that. Couple this with the pressures of life and social media, and it’s a recipe for anyone to develop high levels of anxiety. But, thankfully, CBD has been shown to help calm us in moments of high anxiety. Sure, you can get pure CBD […]