The Benefits of CBD and Sauna Therapy

Sauna therapy is an excellent addition to add to your self care routine. Combining these benefits with the use of CBD can maximize the healing aspects of both regimens. Let’s compare the benefits of CBD and sauna therapy.

CBD Healing Properties are Similar to those of Meditation

OM! When your inner world is at peace, your outer world will follow. What are ways of finding balance with oneself you ask? Two things that have helped me along my journey is cannabidiol and practicing meditation! CBD and meditation share similar effects and healing properties. Here are some noteworthy benefits of both: CBD: Promotes […]

Sacred Biology 50mg CBD Citrus Lotion Review

Fall is coming in quick which means drier air here in NW Oregon (if it’s not raining, obviously). Cold, dry air tends to really put havoc on the quality of my skin. If you are like me, have no fear, as I have found a solution in Sacred Biology’s CBD Citrus Lotion. Cracked skin doesn’t […]

CBD = Truth, and the Truth Sets you Free

One realization I’ve come to realize along my journey of self-development is confidence is connected to the amount of trust that you have, not just for other people, but yourself. With promoting calmness as one the benefits of using CBD, it allows you space within your mind, between judgments and beliefs, to see the truth. […]