OM! When your inner world is at peace, your outer world will follow. What are ways of finding balance with oneself you ask? Two things that have helped me along my journey is cannabidiol and practicing meditation! CBD and meditation share similar effects and healing properties.

Here are some noteworthy benefits of both:



It’s no joke when they say cannabis is a divine plant. Just this single cannabinoid has just as much healing benefits as meditation.

Combining the two is even better! My meditation sessions have been much more enjoyable with the aid of CBD! I notice that I slip into stillness much faster with using CBD. It has done wonders in helping me tackle my anxiety and social anxiety.

Gratitude is the Highest form of Love

Something else to note is both CBD and meditation promote gratitude. I feel more thankful when I meditate for the things we usually take for granted: the air we breathe, the food we eat, the clean water we drink and the roof over my head.

When I began using CBD at the beginning of the year, I noticed the same effect. Gratitude started to become a common feeling that I feel daily. Now, I naturally feel grateful and in a bliss whenever I want to feel good. Even when I am sad or upset, I know how to tune into feeling thankful and positive.

We are Stronger than we Know

Holding grudges freeze you in time and you get stuck in the past. This adds stress to your mind and body. Your mind and body want to move forward while the grudge returns you to the emotions felt during the negative situation, which conditions your body in present time to feel the same way as you did when it happened.

This can become a vicious cycle. Eventually, the grudge may become a part of your subconscious and will continue to stress you out even if you are not aware of it (this is how traumas from the past can grow and manifest into other things, such as depression or anxiety). But even the traumas from your childhood can be healed through the power of meditation. CBD can contribute to the healing power!

It is amazing to know how much power you have over your body. People truly hold the power to overcome negative emotions and conditions; to let them go and move forward. It might take practice, especially if you suffer from depression or something you’ve been battling for a longer period of time. It took me practicing meditation at least 10-30 min a day to start with to really notice my vibrations to raise from the density of depression I was stuck in. It’s not easy and will challenge your self-discipline, but it is WORTH it.

Another great thing to note about meditation is that it is FREE to do!

It’s also available for ALL ages! Have you tried using CBD while you meditate? New to meditation? Check out the app Headspace to begin your inner world exploration! The guide is very lucid in explaining how to meditate with ease and also has a British accent (which, at least I think, helps to sustain a focus on his guidance!) They have many categories of sessions to choose from.

HeadSpace is an amazing meditation app that can be downloaded for iOS and android.
Headspace is an amazing meditation app that can be downloaded for iOS and Android. Pairs nicely with a dose of CBD!

Looking for a quality CBD product? Check out our vetted list of reliable brands! Namaste.

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