One realization I’ve come to realize along my journey of self-development is confidence is connected to the amount of trust that you have, not just for other people, but yourself. With promoting calmness as one the benefits of using CBD, it allows you space within your mind, between judgments and beliefs, to see the truth. This is where you start to make peace with yourself. The difference? You start feeling like yourself again. You can allow yourself to trust that everything will be okay. It is difficult to trust other people if you do not trust yourself. Self-trust manifests into a peaceful inner world for you. Peace within your inner world manifests into your external world.

Understanding that I didn’t Understand

I know from my experience that I have always had a hard time trusting myself. Growing up, I never really thought for myself. I thought I had to be like the ones I loved and trusted in order to be happy. I always allowed people or things to influence my decisions, rather than my inner voice, my intuition. I always felt like I needed other people’s approval/confirmation to enable my own approval. And this was only because… bottom line, I did not trust myself. And I grew up with it still buried deep in my psyche because I never worked on it. It wasn’t really brought up to my attention as a problem even though I was dealing with various other problems. I was unaware that the social anxiety would have stemmed from not trusting myself. Especially because it manifested in symptoms that are associated with ADHD.

It was once extremely hard for me to read a book because I could not absorb the information as well as I know I can understand it due to the inability to focus. This brought me great anxiety and depression because I felt like I was losing my ability to learn not being able to focus. It made school more challenging than it needed to be (this inflated in college which was about 3 years ago). It also affected me socially because it was difficult to focus on conversations, where I’d lose track of what the conversation was about. Doctors and outside influences lead me to believe it was ADHD when really this all stemmed much deeper than a diagnostic label. I just didn’t trust myself and it manifested into all these other issues. The medications and therapy only helped for a short period of time, and eventually, the medications made everything worse with all the side effects. I almost committed suicide from losing control of my thoughts due to never working on what was really going on…

How I Figured it All Out

It wasn’t until about almost a year ago, when I started to use CBD in place of SSRIs and Adderall where my thinking truly started to defog. Not only did CBD help me wean off the harsh pharmaceuticals, but it helped me find balance with my life, even with it out of my control. Taking CBD daily, my mind began to open to other forms of self-care to help bring my mind and my external world to calmer vibration (meditation, essential oils, etc). I started to truly see the big picture of life and how not everything may be what it seems, BUT everything is connected.

I learned really you shouldn’t be anything else but confident, no matter where you are. Anyone and everyone is capable of taking their energy back, aligning it and fully control it. All we are, are conscious pieces of the universe experiencing sentient life all at once through different levels of awareness. We all come from the same place. And how we perceive other people’s reactions are just a reflection of how we feel. So now, whenever I stress over social anxiety, I ask myself, “Why would you feel shy around yourself in a sense? It’s only because you don’t trust yourself but why wouldn’t you trust yourself?” When you are at home, alone, in your comfort zone… do you trust yourself then? That’s the real question.

Becoming mindful and questioning your reality is key. Make it a game and look for what exactly is it that bothers you. Instead of giving into the anxiety or depression, step back from it and observe what it is that triggered you. Use your attention with the intention of coming to terms with whatever it is that keeps you from being in harmony with your life. Surrender to it and let it go. After that, you will feel much lighter. If it wasn’t for CBD, I wouldn’t be coming to terms with this concept at the level I do now, and it truly changes my life for the better.

Ready to Unplug from the Matrix?

Have you ever made a decision where you second-guessed yourself on whether if you chose the right decision? One thing that CBD has allowed me to understand is there’s no right or wrong, to begin with. There’s only sense and nonsense. there’s only the easy route and the hard route. And it’s all based on perspective (age is just a number when we really all differ in levels of awareness).

But, CBD will give you the opportunity to separate what you think, from what you feel, from what you know. Yes, there are three different cognitive functions that we have that can easily get mixed up with each other or may appear to be all the same thing. From a psychological perspective (particularly Sigmund Freud’s POV), these three things are known as the id, ego, and superego. That might sound familiar to you from your Psychology 101 class. It’s easy to get these three voices in our minds mixed up and this is where things might go wrong or become more challenging for you.

Would you choose to live a life where you can enjoy every bit of it, no matter what you are doing? Would you choose to live a life where everything you do, you find bliss in doing it? No unnecessary stress? Yes, even during a big presentation in front of a crowd. CBD could be the answer to helping you to relax and enjoy the ride of this life and can help you open your mind to new chapters and new paths that you may not even imagine you doing. But it’s all up to you making a decision. Your life is your movie and you are the main actor, the producer, the director, and the writer. According to epigenetics, your genetic makeup does not make you. You make you. CBD is the gateway to finding your true potential within where you may start truly creating the best version of yourself.

Life doesn’t get easier from here, it gets BETTER. What’s it going to be, red pill or blue pill?

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