CBD Brownies

Two weeks ago, I wanted to make on CBD Brownies with 99%+ Terp infused Isolate from The Hemp Barn that I had on hand. The Isolate is 990mg of CBD per gram and since I have approximately 90% of Isolate left I calculated that I am using 901mg of CBD for my CBD Brownies. I had been vaped […]

The Hemp Barn 99%+ Terp infused Isolate Review

So, this week I’ve focused my review on two parts; vaping the The Hemp Barn 99%+ Terp infused Isolate and using the Isolate to make CBD Brownies. I know that some of you would love to know other way that you can incorporate CBD into your diet and I figured that brownies would be a […]

The Saionara Pico Kit Review

For this review, I am using my the Saionara Pico Kit with an Eleaf iStick Pico, from which I received from Max VaporNail. For my review, I am using 99%+ Terp infused Isolate slabs from The Hemp Barn. The strain is Sour Diesel; an in-house brand strain. Saionara Pico Kit Includes everything you need to start using […]