So, this week I’ve focused my review on two parts; vaping the The Hemp Barn 99%+ Terp infused Isolate and using the Isolate to make CBD Brownies. I know that some of you would love to know other way that you can incorporate CBD into your diet and I figured that brownies would be a great choice. I will post my CBD Brownies later this week.

The Hemp Barn 99%+ Terp infused Isolate Review

Last week I reviewed the Saionara and I also used the 99%+ Terp infused Isolate. I am using The Hemp Barn 99% Isolate with Sour Diesel terpenes. It is 990mg of CBD per gram.

I have been vaping the 99%+ Terp infused Isolate from The Hemp Barn for almost 2 weeks now and only use a small piece at a time. This allows you to stretch your Isolate longer.

I love the smell of the Sour Diesel infused Isolate. It has a fruity aroma. Using my Saionara Pico Kit I find that it gives smooth hits. Within 5 minutes I can feel the effects. Like a rush.

My eyes are awake and start to feel focused. For those with anxiety and ADHD can understand how I feel. My face feels warm. I saw an Isolate review over on YouTube and the person who vapes a lot mentioned that it’s the initial rush of vaping CBD Isolate. Like always vaping CBD last for me in a range of 3-5 hours.

The Isolate has a muted orange color. I like that it comes inside a small clear container. You can see the product and if you are a repeated customer you are able to tell if there is something wrong with the Isolate.

I tried the 99%+ Terp infused Isolate under my tongue as well, but it is not as fast acting as vaping.

The Hemp Barn makes a good Isolate. It is their in-house brand strain specific terpene infused Isolate. Their CBD is grown from organic, non-gmo Colorado grown hemp. I really like the flavor profile of the Isolate. My only negative is the price is higher than a few other competitors.

Cost $41.99 for 1 gram. Comes in 3 strains. Sour Diesel, G-Rilla and Skywalker. Lab reports are displayed on the product pages.

To purchase visit: Hemp Barn

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