I have the perfect on the go CBD topical recovery cream from CW Hemp with me. It’s small enough to fit in either a purse, pants pocket or bookbag.

CW Hemp CBD topical recovery cream is the size of a large marker. Green in color. To use the CBD topical recovery cream, you must remove the bottom cap and twists to open. The cap covers a hole where the CBD cream exits.

CW Hemp CBD topical recovery cream

CW Hemp CBD topical recovery cream is a small pump. One you remove the cap your then turn to knob on the top of the pen counter clockwise. You then push down on the knob and you will receive one dosage of 2mg CBD. There are 50 total applications for a total of 100mg per pen.

This is the perfect CBD topical recovery cream pen for someone on the go.

CW Hemp CBD topical recovery cream
CW Hemp CBD topical recovery cream

CW Hemp CBD cream pen to me is made for those on the go or at for recovery while working out at the gym. I feel that it is not for regular everyday usage. If you do a lot of walking you can keep this on your car. If you are someone who need more than 2mg per application or want to use regularly then this pen is not for you. You need one of the CBD Topicals with a higher mg of CBD in a larger container.

The scent is very minty or menthol. It’s very subtle. I like to pump 2 – 3 times onto my index finger and then rub it on my wrist joint until it’s absorbed through my skin.

I start to feel a little tingling sensation in my skin. It’s very cooling. The pain relief lasted me about 2 hours of so. This is one of the reasons I feel like it’s more of an emergency or out an about. You can live in it your car when you go grocery shopping. If your body starts to ache you can take it out and quickly apply to the area until you can get home and get a stronger dose of CBD.

So, if you like to be out and about and need something that you can quickly apply on your wrist or ankle pain then make sure to get this.

CW Hemp CBD topical recovery cream ingredients:

Cost: $49.95, Free shipping on all orders $74.99 and over.

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