Morcheaba Pain Balm Extra Strength Review

THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS!! Morcheaba pain balm truly provided me with inflammatory relief. I used the entire container over the course of a month. I suffer from inflammation in my right leg, specifically in my ankle. The swelling results from Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), commonly referred to as blood clots. Before testing this product, I […]

Alpen Organics Body CBD Topical 600mg Review

Since I was in high school, I have always had a problem with my back. I have scoliosis, in which my spine curves slightly to the right from the bottom up. My neck lost its cervical curve so instead of having a slight curve forward it is completely straight up and down. This can be […]

On the go CBD topical recovery cream from CW Hemp

I have the perfect on the go CBD topical recovery cream from CW Hemp with me. It’s small enough to fit in either a purse, pants pocket or bookbag. CW Hemp CBD topical recovery cream is the size of a large marker. Green in color. To use the CBD topical recovery cream, you must remove […]