Is Prism Hemp running an unsanitary company? We investigated Prism Hemp, SunBeam, and Christopher Casacci further and the result is shocking. This a Hemp company operating under the NYS Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program.

First is all, who is Prism Hemp?

Prism Hemp is a business that grows hemp and white labels its products to numerous smaller brands in the country including Dr. G’s, located in the Virgin Islands.

The owner is Christopher Casacci and he has a history of legal troubles. He was arrested for the distribution of selling bootleg DVDs and for the distribution of illegal phone cards.

He was sued for $648 million for duplicating a DVD to which someone else had the distribution rights. To get him through the financial strain of the lawsuit and his bankruptcy, Casacci set up a fake identification business on the Internet that got him one and a half years probation after the result of an investigation by the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority Police, the New York State Police, the FBI’s Buffalo Cyber Task Force, the United States Secret Service and the Erie County Sheriff’s Department.

While this in itself isn’t a deciding factor, the fact that there is no personal growth speaks louder.

He next started a hydroponic company, Sunlight Solutions, which in turn lead him to start Prism Hemp.

Prism Hemp and SunBeam labs

Lab testing equipments

The norm in the Hemp industry is to have your hemp products third-party lab tested.

Not when it comes to Prism Hemp. Prism Hemp uses Sunbeam labs to test all of their products. According to the NY Department of Agriculture, Sunbeam is also owned by Christopher Casacci, the same owner of Prism Hemp.

Is the lab testing data influenced improperly? Is the data being faked?

According to the NYS Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program, “Research Partners making any CBD product intended for human or animal consumption or absorption into the body must ensure their CBD products meet the standards set by the New York State Medical Marijuana program (10 NYCRR Part 1004.14) with respect to cannabinoid profile, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and molds. Research Partners must use an independent laboratory accredited by either the ISO/IEC 17025:2005,2017 standard or the NYS Department of Health Wadsworth Laboratory Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP).”

Looking at the lab reports presented by Prism Hemp, none of these compounds are being tested for. SunBeam only test for Cannabinoid content.

SunBeam Lab Report Examples:

Prism Hemp owner Christopher Casacci regularly admits on Instagram that the company is selling moldy hemp buds. He even brags on Instagram that his hemp flowers on the floor are still good quality after being there for 20 minutes. Christopher stated that it was actually 2 hours once the CBD community confronted him. He later deleted the post and his Instagram, but not before we obtained screenshots. His company alias CBDBark is still up on Instagram.

Is Prism Hemp faking their lab reports?

If Christopher Casacci is selling moldy hemp with improper lab reports, one has to ask: is Prism Hemp faking their own lab reports?

By using their own in-house lab, it’s easier to manipulate findings. For one their posted labs are very basic. Another red flag.

Admitting and bragging that your hemp is on the floor is another reason flag.

Posting regular videos of bare hands handling hemp is another reason flag.

Posting a video that you are selling moldy SMOKEABLE hemp to your customers is another red flag.

Mold grows!


Mold grows. Anyone who buys fruit and bread can attest to this. Once the mold gets ahold it spreads quickly as it finds more moisture.

Why isn’t the NYS Department of Agriculture doing about this? Sadly we will have to wait to receive an answer back from the state.

Moldy Hemp being sold by Prism Hemp
Moldy Smokable Hemp being sold by Prism Hemp

Does this worry you?

Do the companies that white label their products from Prism Hemp even care?

If the owner controls the lab results, how do you know that your favorite CBD pre-roll or tincture isn’t at risk?

Regulations are needed to monitor the industry from seed to sale.

Is this a concern to you?

Let me know in the comments below an if you have any further tips please send us an email message!

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