One popular pesticide that is used in the cannabis industry is pyrethrin. While pyrethrin is approved for use in organic crops against insects, you should exercise care when using it. It can irritate the skin and respiratory tract and is toxic to bees.

Growers often use the insecticide pyrethrins to manage pest species and protect their crops. These come from a natural origin—flowers of the chrysanthemum plant. Various forms of insecticidal pyrethrins can be extracted from the flowers of these plants.

Southern Ag Pyrethrin Concentrate

Being a natural product, some people think that pyrethrins must be safe. Natural or not, everything is composed of chemicals. Pyrethrins should not be found on edibles or flowers at any significant concentration. When these chemicals are used on cannabis, they can be incredibly challenging to quantify.

Ingesting and inhaling can lead to acute poisoning.

Common pyrethrin symptoms include:

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