I don’t drink coffee much at work unless I’m really tired so drinking Flower Power Coffee Co. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee came with making preparations at home.

At work we all share coffee, and I had to use my Keurig coffee machine at home so that no one else could drink the CBD. Never force it on anyone.

Because the coffee pods are not recyclable I use my own reusable pod that I bought from Amazon for around $8. This is the way to go to help the environment.

Where is Flower Power Coffee Co. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee grown?

I decided to use the Jamaican blue mountain coffee for my review. Being from the Caribbean it stuck out for me. That and the fact I’ve watched a few documentaries on the travel channel on how great the coffee beans from Jamaica mountains are.

Blue Mountain coffee are noted for their mild flavor and lack of bitterness. The coffee has developed a reputation that has made it one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world. Over 80% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is exported to Japan.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a globally protected certification mark, meaning only coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be labeled as such. It comes from a recognized growing region in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica, and its cultivation is monitored by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

The mountains in Jamaica are some of the highest in the Caribbean. The climate is cool and misty with high rainfall. The soil is also rich, with excellent drainage. This combination of climate and soil is considered ideal for coffee. It is why the excursions to the coffee brewery are so popular with tourists.

Flower Power Coffee Co. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Review

My Review of Flower Power Coffee Co. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Whenever we were deployed overseas we drank a lot of coffee. The Navy watch hours were either 4 on and 8 off or 6 on and 6 off depending on crew levels.

I drank a lot of coffee just to stay awake. These days I try not to drink much coffee and mostly use CBD to help me stay alert throughout the day.

The coffee scent isn’t too strong. To me, it’s more on the mild side. Just enough smell where it didn’t fill up the whole room.

My thought process for this review was to divide the coffee up. In each pouch is 1 oz of coffee with 30 mg of CBD. My daily regimen doesn’t normally go over 25 mg.

I tried thinking as if I was an everyday coffee drinker. With each pouch costing $15, I figured that being a daily drinker would get expensive pretty quick.

Each pouch gives you a total of 6 servings and you will get 5 mg of CBD. I ended up splitting the coffee in half and it was enough to fill up my refillable pod.

I have a large 20 oz container that I put my ginger tea in every morning. My Keurig max output is only 10 oz unless I decided to put it in pitcher mode.

I set my Keurig to the strong settings and pumped out 10 oz then I again to get 8 more oz. I estimate that there were 15 total CBD since I used half of the coffee. Now I was ready to get my day started.

I drank the coffee throughout the day and I regretted some of it. Being that I don’t drink coffee on the regular anymore my body was not used to it. Any coffee drinker will tell you that coffee is a natural diuretic. So you could imagine how much my stomach hurt that day.

I was wide awake and my anxiety was gone within an hour and a half. I ended up drinking about 12 oz of coffee that first day. After my day ended I figured I got around 12 mg of CBD since I didn’t drink the whole thing.

The next day I drank much less coffee. About 8 oz which is one cup full. The effects were better without all of the stomach issues.

I love the taste of the coffee. It wasn’t bitter. It mild. I don’t drink my coffee black so I add milk and sugar.

My final thoughts.

I recommend stretching the coffee. If you would like to have it last you 5 work days then pour it out and measure out equal amounts of you on a Keurig.

For those of you who use a regular coffee pot, I recommend using all and then storing the remainder in the fridge. Coffee last approximately 7 days in the fridge.

They also provide a coffee brewing guide

Jamaican Blue Mountain Details

A sophisticated Coffee is grown in the Blue Mountain District of Jamaica, Jamaica Blue Mountain is a wet processed (washed) coffee that is silky smooth and well-balanced, with an excellent full body, a classic and refined mild taste with a slightly and unusually sweet flavor that is very rich — and sometimes almost creamy.

Cost: $15.00

Visit their website if you would like to make a purchase.

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