I’ve been wanting to review Dutch Natural for months now and when I got the opportunity to try it their Dutch Natural Healing 25% Gold CBD Oil I was very excited. This gold label bottle is their top of the line CBD tincture. It has 2500 mg of CBD in the bottle.

Normally for other CBD tinctures you really a full dropper. In. 30 ml bottle that gives you enough to last you 30 days if you really one dropper every day. For a 300 mg bottle, this gives you 10 mg of CBD per dropper. With Dutch Natural Healing, you get approximately +- 12 mg in one droplet of oil in a 10 ml bottle. So, as you can see it’s potent. This is the bottle for those of you who are severe ailments and can afford the bottle.

Dutch Natural Healing 25% Gold CBD Oil Review

What I do is take 2-4 drops in the morning. I place them under my tongue making sure that I don’t let the dropper touch any part of my mouth. By doing this I can prevent any feels in my mouth from getting into the oil inside the bottle.

I bring this up because it was asked previously over on our Reddit sub. Someone touched the dropper a few times and ended up getting moldy black oil. So please be aware that you can contaminate your CBD oil.

If you are unsure of making contact with your mouth you can always use a shot glass or one of those small ml medicine cups that come with any cold medicine. Just take your dose and drop it in and then take it. Be mindful that you might leave a few drops in the container.

After letting the oil sit under my tongue for a good 1-2 be minutes I swallow. The taste is not too bad. It’s not the best tasting but it’s certainly not the worst I’ve tasted. You can always sip water or juice after.

I can notice the Dutch Natural Healing oil affect me in about 20-30 minutes. This is pretty fast for me. I have to believe it’s due to living it under my tongue longer and the higher percentage of CBD.

On the mornings where I feel down or just lazy I end up feeling like a cloud is lifted over my head. I feel motivated. My thought process improves greatly.

Dutch Natural Healing 25% Gold CBD Oil ReviewLearning what Dutch natural healing oil can do for pain

One morning I did not take it at all. I was rushing around and just left it at home. That night I regretted that decision badly. Around 10 pm at night I was hit pretty hard with pain. I could feel all my joints hurting. My arthritis was acting up all over and my back was hurting.

As Roni stood there laughing at me I remembered that I didn’t take the Dutch Natural 25% CBD Oil. I cursed myself and went and took a few drops. I started feeling a little better after 30 minutes. The pain didn’t go completely away.

In the morning I was feeling much better. I’ve never really thought much about how taking CBD oil helps with pain. I’m so used to using tinctures on my joints, especially my wrist and using the oil for my anxiety and stage fright.

This was truly an eye-opener. We all know CBD works best for long-term usage. Once you start don’t stop.

Overall, I took Dutch Natural Healing 25% Gold CBD Oil for almost 2 weeks. I couldn’t find any faults except the price. If you see used to spending $30-$70 every month for. 250-750 mg bottle then this 25% isn’t for you. Now if you have the income and your ailments are severe then I highly recommend you trying out this product.

The cost is $127.95 which is going rate for other Full Spectrum 2500 mg CBD bottles.

You can purchase from Dutch Natural Healing website. You can cbdreviews for 15% off your order.

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