What is Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is when your body operates within a normal range. It is the key to life, and failures can lead to diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

Efforts to maintain homeostasis are constantly happening in our body. Our endocannabinoid system aka ECS is constantly working to adjust for any changes in our internal environment.

New to CBD? Find the right CBD Dosage

When I first started taking CBD as was just as confused as many of you are today. I couldn’t tell heads from tails when it came to finding the right CBD dosage.

The type of product you use will impact dosing requirements. Products made with pure CBD (CBD isolate and CBD distillate) appear to have a thinner healing window when compared to full-spectrum products.

Warning: Sagely Naturals states Full Spectrum CBD, but their lab reports show its just CBD Isolate.

Warning: Sagely Naturals state that their capsules are Full Spectrum CBD, but their lab reports say its just CBD Isolate. The FDA is watching. Please always check lab reports to make sure that these brands are on the up and up.

This isn’t the first time that Sagely Naturals has been in the news for negative reasons. It was reported in January that Sagely Naturals Relief + Recovery CBD + Turmeric Capsules exceeded limits for bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria.