Would you agree that being able to combine your career life with your favorite hobby/passion is the ultimate duo? I certainly do, and having the honor to have interview Theresa Clark, the owner, and founder of Empress Herbal Products, I learned that is exactly what she gets to do with her uprising company.

Before starting up her company, Theresa worked hard raising a family. She worked jobs to support her children and to bring food to the table. She enjoyed each job in her professional career as they all encompassed in assisting others. When she wasn’t working or spending time with her family, her getaway from reality was creating skincare and pain management products.

What motivates Theresa, the owner of Empress Herbal Products?

Theresa Clark owner of Empress Herbal Products
Theresa Clark, owner of Empress Herbal Products

“I’ve been making skincare and pain management products for over 30 years,” she explains. “I was first introduced to this process by my mother as a means to save money and provide a holistic regiment for maintaining the health of family members.”

Theresa already has an abundance of wisdom under her belt, and now that her kids are adults, she decided to take the thing she has fun doing the most and make it her career. Giving her the space to be creative, instinctive and independent, while still helping others live their lives easier. “My business has given me the outlet to tap into my inner passion for making things and sharing it with everyone,” Theresa explains.

Entering the Cannabis industry with her healthcare products gave Theresa the opportunity to expand her research. She found that CBD was something that would be medically beneficial to incorporate into her products.

Handcrafted product lines of cosmeceuticals

Theresa’s handcrafted product lines of cosmeceuticals and pain management products contain Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) and Phytocannabinoids. Her products include body butter, hair and body oils, hair and body serums, facial scrubs, body scrubs, beard balms, tattoo balm, bath tea salts, massage oils, full spectrum pain management salve, soaps, and full spectrum pain management oils.

Empress Herbal Products are 100% Natural!

Customers have given Empress Herbal Products rewarding feedback, such as the products have enhanced their quality of life. Theresa uses her own products as well to help cope with shoulder/neck pain and to help her focus and relax in general. She also uses her products to relieve her children’s skin ailments. After learning about how natural and qualitative her products sound, I was instantly drawn in to want to try some of her products myself!

Theresa Clark represents women empowerment as she is the Founder and CEO of another company known as The Ecwiti Group, which involves public health consultation. At the same time, she is manning her CBD business, with the goal of making Empress Herbal Products be the leading artisan line of small-batch, handcrafted and holistic producer of Cannabis Sativa (hemp) products.

I love owning my own business,” Theresa explains. “I find myself working longer and harder, but every day is a blast. Every day is different and I know that my products are helping my customers with their pain and skin ailments.”

Interested in Empress Herbal Products? You may find their products at their website:


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