My homie Johnny made me realize on Tuesday that I had an addiction. Some of us go to drugs, alcohol, food or even love.

Have you ever known someone who can’t put down the bottle? Or what about someone who stays in that broken relationship?

Sometimes the problem is deeper than what’s on the surface.

What if we are so addicted that we are looking for a way out but someone or something comes along and give us false hope.

It happens to the best of us. CBD helps Johnny stay sober for 6 months now.

CBD helps with addiction

CBD has helped me open my mind to better things. Both Johnny and I have changed our lifestyle and lost weight naturally.

Remember, nothing comes fast lasts forever, as we say in my native tongue.

CBD isn’t a cure for addiction. It helps you help yourself to be a better you. It opens up your mind to consider that you may need to re-evaluate your habits.

If you take CBD for pain, imagine that it can do during those 5-8 hours of relief. You could write that book, go for a walk, sit and relax, or finally have the strength to break that bad addiction and make it a healthy habit.

What is your addiction? Do you use CBD to help break those bad habits? Leave a comment and let’s heal.

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