Over the Thanksgiving holiday I visited Philadelphia. Due to traveling lightly with only a book bag on Spirit Airlines, I couldn’t bring large items. Instead of carrying a larger container of CBD I decided to travel lightly as possible. I took with me an 8-pack pouch of CBDfx gummies and Yin Yang Infusions CBD Pain Salve.

Yin Yang Infusions produces a 500 mg CBD Pain Salve for $30. I had a 60-mg sample size with me. It is the perfect size for traveling for a weekend getaway.

Yin Yang Infusions CBD Pain Salve ReviewYin Yang Infusions CBD Pain Salve Review

This time of the year we get rain here in Florida. With the temperature change as well, my wrist has been hurting more than normal. The night before Thanksgiving I decided to play an Xbox game and stopped after 20 minutes because my wrist has been hurting bad. I used some of the Pain Salve to helped reduce the swelling and pain before I went to bed. It helped reduced the pain.

On Thanksgiving morning, I applied more of the Pain Salve all over my wrist. After about 10 minutes the pain subsided, and I went to eat with my parents, siblings and friends at my mother’s house.

I left at 3 pm to go the airport and using TSA Pre® to I breezed through security. Around 4 pm my wrist started hurting again. The stress from helping carry food and the motions of driving affected my Osteoarthritis. I applied more of Yin Yang’s CBD Salve.

Philadelphia at night
Philadelphia at night

Using Yin Yang Infusions CBD Pain during my flight

During the flight I applied even more CBD around 5:30 pm. The flight was cold and as we traveled north the temperature went from 80 degrees in Florida to 35 degrees in Philadelphia.

The pain relieves from the Pain Salve lasted approximately an hour. Reduction in pressure from going 33,000 feet in the air and then landing also brought back the pain. I started feeling cold right before we landed.

The temperature drop I could feel in my bones and wrist. Having Osteoarthritis adds another level to that feeling. The chilling effect inside my wrist can be unbearable at times.

During the 4 days the weather started feeling better. Philadelphia is surrounded by many buildings. This helps prevent the wind from blowing everywhere on a normal day. As I visited the city I wasn’t in pain like during the flight and the first night. I kept rubbing the CBD Pain Salve off and on throughout each day. Taking this preventive measure helped me enjoy the time without having to wait until I was in pain to do something about it.

Flying back was not as bad. I applied some before my flight at 1:30 pm and I didn’t think too much about it until later that evening.

Philadelphia popup shopping and light festival
Philadelphia popup shopping and light festival

My overall feelings on Yin Yang Infusions CBD Pain Salve

The CBD Salve is slightly on the greasy side. On a scale of 1-10 of greasiness I would put it around a 4. It left my skin looking shiny and glistening. The added ingredients can benefit your skin as well. Coconut oil is very good for your skin and body. It’s one of the most used carrier oils in the Cannabis industry for that reason.

The ingredients in their CBD pain salve it organic coconut oil, lavender, beeswax, and hemp derived 99% CBD isolate. The pain salve smells great. The lavender is very soothing and not over powering.

The 2-oz. container cost $30 and buying in bulk can also save you money. For that price and the relief that it gave me, you should give it a try.

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