The ingredients in CBD products matter. Our health should be a top priority. We are already suffering due to many medical ailments. Why should intake ingredients that harm our body? We shouldn’t!

We are all here because we want to take CBD (Cannabidiol), a natural ingredient, and not pills. So tell me why do companies feel like they have to add artificial ingredients to their CBD products?

Ingredients in CBD products matters

I am sitting here with a CBD syrup reading the ingredients. The first thing that sticks out to me is FD&C Red #3 and FD&C Red #40. My heart dropped. Even Melissa is pissed.

Food colorings are added to numerous processed food products to “hide the absence of fruits, vegetables, or other ingredients and to make the food appear better or more valuable than it is.” Fruit flavored popsicles might actually look different without the additives.

FD&C Red #1 was banned due to the worry that it can cause cancer and FD&C Red #2 was also banned in 1976, followed by FD&C Red #4. FD&C Red #3, used today in everything from meat sausage to CBD syrup.

What is FD&C Red #3?

Erythrosine, also known as FD&C Red #3, is an organoiodine compound, a derivative of fluorone. It is cherry-pink synthetic, primarily used for food coloring.

Possibilities of Obtaining from Highly Polluted Environments: New Bacterial Strains with a Significant Decolorization Potential of Different Synthetic Dyes.

It is used as a food coloring, in printing inks, as a biological stain, a dental plaque disclosing agent and a radiopaque medium. It was used as a sensitizer for late 1800 and early 1900 photographic films.

FD&C Red #3 is commonly used in sweets such as some candies and popsicles, and even used in cake-decorating gels. It is also used to color pistachio shells.

Erythrosine was found to cause DNA damage in human liver cells. FD&C Red #3 was also found to influence the behavior in children over 30 years ago and to interfere with thyroid function.

What is FD&C Red #40?

FD&C Red #40 is a red azo dye that goes by several names, including Allura Red AC. It is used as a food dye.

FD&C Red #40 is the most commonly used dye in the United States.

FD&C Red #40 can be found in soda, salad dressings, toothpaste, mouthwash, and even the pink color in antibiotics.

So what are these artificial dyes in our CBD product?

If someone wants to drink a sleeping syrup then good for them. But why wouldn’t you want to use something natural? You are buying CBD, a naturally grown substance from the Cannabis plant. Everything in that bottle should be close to natural as possible.

Yes, that bottle might tell you “all natural herbs” in bold letters, but it doesn’t tell you the rest unless you read the ingredients list.

So yes, the ingredients in CBD products matters. Your health matters! Remember to always ask for lab reports.

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