CBD-HQ is the abbreviation of Cannabidiol Hydroxy Quinone. Professor Raphael Mechoulam at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem first discovered it. The synthetic variant of CBD-HQ is also called HU-331, which is short for Hebrew University 331. CBD-HQ is a result of the natural CBD oxidation process with many potential therapeutic effects. It is derived from the natural aging process of CBD.     

CBD-HQ is a quinone variant of CBD. Quinones occur in nature and are produced when polyphenols oxidize in plants. It is similar to the oxidation of the polyphenols when an apple is cut. Through contact with oxygen, the polyphenols in the apple are enzymatically oxidized to quinones, which give the characteristic brown color that occurs when the apple is left out.

CBD-HQ oxidation process

The process of oxidation in an apple happens in only minutes, whereas CBD takes a lot longer. The CBD-HQ oxidation is a slow process and can take 10-15 years before CBD has been fully converted to CBD-HQ.

Since it is such a long process to convert CBD to CBD Hydroxy Quinone, the price is extremely high, almost priceless. The synthetic variant of CBD-HQ which is also called HU-331 is 1000x more expensive than gold.

Similar to CBN being an oxidation product of THC, CBD Hydroxy Quinone naturally occurs in very low concentrations in cannabis rich in CBD. CBD-HQ can be found in old hemp fiber and CBD rich wool that have been in contact with the open air for a period of longer than 5 years.

A new process was discovered as a result of an experiment in 2016 to remove THC from hemp fiber. There is a faster way to naturally transform CBD to CBD-HQ by using pure oxygen under controlled conditions. It was discovered that under ideal conditions, it was possible to convert more than > 50% of the CBD, within 3 weeks, to CBD-HQ. This discovery takes years off the aging process.

If a banana is placed in a plastic bag, it will ripen much faster due to the production of ethylene. In CBD, pure oxygen is used to mature the CBD to create CBD Hydroxy Quinone, under controlled conditions.

In 2017, this ripening process was optimized to produce large amounts of CBD-HQ to be made available to everyone in a very short period of time.

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Reference: https://cbdsup.nl/en/cbd-hq/

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