For those of you who like to dab CBD wax then I have this neat V-Syndicate Dabit Card for you.

The Dabit card comes in a 4-set dab kit. The card is one piece of metal that was machined tooled to have the dab kit but also include a grinder.

Each tool has a small piece of magnet to it which is used to keep the tools attached to the card. I really like that feature. The magnet does not take away the thinnest of each tool.

V-Syndicate Dabit Card Review
V-Syndicate Dabit Card information

V-Syndicate Dabit Card 4 magnetic stainless tools are as follows:


The packer comes in handy if you are on the road with your friends and someone brought along their favorite strain. You can use it to pack in your dry CBD flowers into your favorite vape or if you prefer to use a Raw rolling paper. The packer ensures that your flowers are neatly packed for longer lasting hits.


The included Spork can be used to handle larger pieces of CBD wax or isolate. I used mine too break up some of my CBDistillery crumble that I bought last week.


I used the Scraper, with its curved end, to clean out my Lynx Hypnos vape pen. Their atomizers have a groove that collects melted CBD wax or crumbles.


The Poker is what you will use the most though. I like its sharp ends. If you ever touched wax or crumble you will know that it tends to stick to your finger. You will either waste by washing your finger or by sucking on it to swallow the wax. Doing so sucks

It has been great to have a dedicated wax poker to pick up and drop my wax into my wax pen.

I previously used a pin after I misspelled my first dab pin. So, using the Poker it better. The Poker has sharp edges that are I used to cut into the hard wax. Its pointy edges are much easier to drop the wax into my pen or my water bubbler without having it stuck onto ends.

The other end of the Dabit Card is a small grinder. You just rub your flowers into it in a back and forth motion. Your grinded flower will fall through the holes. You can pair it perfectly with V-Syndicate tray table. Once you are finish you can place your Dabit Card into the included silicone case.

For only $20 you are not breaking the bank for a multi usage Dabit Card. The Dabit Card comes in 5 different design options. The Elephant, the Hamsa, the Oil Head, the Tribal Lion, and mine the Nebula.

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