I recently went to Aruba for a weekend vacation with my best friend of 9 years. It was pretty awesome. We have been talking about going for so many years now and finally being able to make it happen was a treat. It was worth the wait. I think I enjoyed it more now than I would have back then. I was also able to bring with me some CBD products to try out and it surely came in handy.

We stayed at the Hilton Aruba hotel in the Palm Beach area of the island. It was more laid back. Not a lot of kids. Mostly an over 30 crowd. The only partying besides the music from bars was on the party bus that goes around town taking tourist bar hopping.

How I Used CBD On My Aruba Vacation

As most of you know I have osteoarthritis and flying affects me due to the pressure and going from sea level to 30,000 miles in the air back to sea level again. I was fortunate enough to receive some samples of Medterra CBD pain cream before I left. It surely came in handy. The sample I had lasted me 3 days, which was more than enough.

That Saturday we went on a De Palma Tours Jeep excursion. It was a blast. To me, it was much better than a roller coaster. However, my wrist and ankle suffered from it. I was sitting in the back right above the wheels and I had to hold on for my life. We were going up and down the desert hills doing twists and turns and over rocks.

Dust was flying everywhere. I was able to use my left wrist to hold on for most of the ride but there were times where I had to use both hands. Every time we stopped I kept rubbing my Medterra CBD cream onto my wrist. I’m not sure how I would have gotten through the day without having CBD handy.

CBD saved me from severe pain while doing Excursion

The rest of the vacation was us mostly walking around checking out places and going to the beach. Since I needed my daily CBD intake for my anxiety I used Life Balance CBD Tincture with 250 mg of CBD every morning. The taste was decent. I think that I have gotten used to the taste of the hemp plant. I say this because there is not much as an aftertaste from when I first started taking CBD Tinctures back in February. Life Balances used MCT oil as its carrier.

I also was using my Tonic CBD roll-on on my ankle, but after I ran out of my Medterra CBD I started using it on my wrist. The thing that I like about the CBD roll-on is that it’s not messy. You can take it anywhere. I brought it with me to the beach with me and I was able to use it without getting any sand on it. All that I had to do was rub the roll-on on my wrist then use my fingers to massage the areas. I love the flexibility. It is also small enough to fit in the pocket. I was also able to go through TSA without any problems.

So, whenever you decide to go on a vacation there are a ton of options for using CBD without having to worry what CBD items to take with you. Check out the video and gallery below. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

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