Growing up in the Caribbean islands I got to enjoy the simplest of life. We ate a lot of fruits, vegetables, and free-range animals. One of our stable diets were coconuts. It’s all the rave right now due to its many nutritional and health values. So, when Tranquil Treats sent me her freshly baked CBD Macaroons I was stoked.

Biting into one brings me back to breaking open a hard coconut and adding sugar to the meat and then eating it all day. The taste is sweet and very crunchy. The taste and texture I have never found anywhere else. One thing about eating coconut is that there are always little pieces that get stuck in the corner of your mouth. It just happens!

Tranquil Treats Macaroons come 2 in a pack. Each has 25 mg of CBD for a total of 50 mg per package.

What I really love about Tranquil Treats is her attention to detail. Her packaging rocks. Everything comes in resealable plastic bags that are top of the line. The plastic material is very thick. It’s not like the resealable sandwich bags that you find in your local store for $2 that can be damaged just easily. On one side of the bag, you can clearly see the CBD edibles while the other side is the product description. The recommended shelf life is 8 weeks for baked CBD goods.

Tranquil Treats CBD Coconut Macaroons Review

How I used and what are my thoughts on Tranquil Treats CBD Coconut Macaroons

One of the best ways for me to deal with my social anxiety is to be around people that I know like my coworkers. 5 years ago at my last job I never really mingled much with them. Only a certain few. I kept to myself mostly. These days I am constantly laughing and joking with everyone in the office. This I could never do without taking CBD.

The same can be said when I am out and about. The last time I was at the barbershop I had taken Giraffe Nuts CBD Infused Caramel and it helped me greatly. Well, on Saturday I went back to the barber shop and I just felt at ease. As everyone was talking about sports and music I just joined the conversation so naturally. This is so out of the norm for me. I didn’t realize the effect that the CBD in the Coconut Macaroons was having on me.

One of the barbers was having a conversation with me and I was talking to him like I knew him for years. The flow of the conversation was really great. We all were just talking and laughing it up.

When I was getting my edge up I didn’t even flinch from the sharp blades.

Sometimes when we take CBD we spend so much time trying to see when it will kick in and not realize that most times it just happens without a notice.

As I get older and wiser I’ve started to adjust how much CBD that I take. Last year I was taking anywhere from 5-10 mg of CBD each day. Now I am taking around 25-30 mg.  So, taking Tranquil Treats CBD Macaroons works well for me because it is only 25 mg of CBD.

While I wouldn’t recommend eating CBD macaroons every day I would recommend it for a nice weekend treat. For $10 you get 2 macaroons. One for Saturday and the other for Sunday.

As we get older we tend to appreciate the little things that we took for granted. All of the baked goodies and snacks we once were able to eat every day we cannot do anymore.

The next time you are looking for a nice CBD snack to satisfy a craving I highly recommend giving Tranquil Treats a try.

Tranquil Treats CBD Coconut Macaroons Review

CBD Macaroons Ingredients:

Cost: $10

You can visit her on Instagram if you would like to place an order. Make sure to tell her we sent you.

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