A mattress startup company, Casper, just launched night-time CBD-infused gummies, created in partnership with cannabis edibles brand, Plus THC products and Plus Products.

Casper stated that their goal is to become the “Nike of sleep,” in which they plan to distribute an extensive range of sleep-related products to the market. Their goal is to expand beyond mattresses with the addition of pillows, sheets, dog beds, portable lamps and now CBD gummies.

The product will contain 14 gummies for the cost of $35. They are blackberry tea flavored and each gummy is supposed to include 25mg of CBD (doesn’t indicate whether is isolates or broad/full spectrum), along with chamomile extract and 1mg of melatonin.

So what is next… Casper CBD-infused mattresses?

We wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up going that route. Recently, CBD infused clothes have started to become a trend within the industry. It seems like CBD nowadays is being infused into anything and everything, even clothes.

One brand, for example, Mary Jane Swim is releasing CBD infused leggings in the near future. There are many questions to be asked: How did you infuse CBD into pants? How can you measure the dosage of CBD you’re getting by wearing the leggings? Most people wear leggings to work out.

Do you absorb the CBD if you are sweating? How many washes before the CBD completely wears out? Is it full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or CBD isolate?

It is definitely a curious way to go about selling CBD. How effective these CBD infused items truly are will be determined by the community.

Speaking of community reviews… Have you heard of our revamp of CBD Reviews 2.0? This time around, it won’t be Bevon and Melissa reviewing products, but the ENTIRE community will be the reviewing team of brands. The final review of each brand will be determined based on the ratings of the owners, lab reports, packaging, customer service, quality of the products and more. All brands are welcome to join and so are all their customers.

Brands interested in joining, please email [email protected].

CBD Reviews 2.0 will launch 10/01/19.

Are you ready?

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