CBD should cost you what you pay on average for your medication after copay. If you can afford $50-$75 a month for medicine then why shouldn’t CBD cost the same? Don’t get duped into buying an overpriced product for little quality.

Let’s break this down:

You shouldn’t have to buy more than one bottle of CBD each month to get relief.

For example, to help with symptoms of anxiety, the average person needs around 10-20 mg of CBD per day. Some people will need more and some will need less. (Every individual comes with a different biochemistry, so it’s always good to start small and work your way up on dosage until you find your medium.)

We can estimate that comes to 310-600 mg a month. So a 30 ml bottle will last you approximately month, with one full dropper a day as one dose.

The average mg per bottle is 250 mg. You can get many of those in full spectrum for around $30 give or take.

I have seen prices for 400-750 mg a bottle for around $60-$75 depending on the type of CBD. For both full spectrum or isolated based CBD.

This price point to mg ratio varies. This is why we should all call for more regulations.

I’ve seen CBD products containing 100mg of CBD for $40. On the bottle, it states that it’s great for rejuvenation. But looking at the ingredients tells a different story.

While it contains ingredients like Chamomile and California Poppy, where is the CBD? Anyone can buy those ingredients in a bottle without CBD for minimum cost.

This is an example of adding minimum CBD to justify the cost. It’s wrong!

So now what? How do we know what’s worth every penny?

It’s all about reputation and process. Do you want to buy your CBD from a gas station brand that is mass marketed to millions of people?

From our experience, we found that most of those products are ‘watered down’ quality. It’s mostly carrier oil like MCT or hemp seed that you are taking with little CBD.

A credible brand puts time, energy and passion into their products. They start a business because they found that CBD helped their pains, and want to help others like it helped them.

Those companies are chasing love, not money. Identifying the quality of the CBD and supporting ingredients is a great way to tell how much love a company puts into their products.

We are here to help you filter through the bull. We aim to educate and also give you honest reviews.

You deserve to feel better, with no worries!

Visit our profile link to read our reviews and also check our vetted CBD company list. These are companies that we put through the grinder to make sure that they bring you the best products!

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