Did you know that there are a lot of people abusing CBD? Yes, that’s right!

If you are vaping a 1000 mg or 500 mg slab of CBD in two days then you are doing it wrong.

CBD isn’t THC that you can dab for big vapors. CBD is medicine. Your body only needs so much to do is work.

Once your body is used to CBD then it works great over time.

Your body is like a car. You maintain and take care of it long term. Why are you not doing the same for your body?

For a beginner, you only need approximately 5-10 mg of CBD taking orally. You slowly work your way up until you find what mg works best for you.

You don’t start with huge amounts and then go back down. What would happen if you open your front door and a million dollars was there?

You would spend it all in two days and then you are back to struggling. That stress is back.

The same thing happens when you overtake CBD and then go backward.

Take your time.

If you like to vape you only need small amounts of CBD. This is due to your body absorbing the CBD faster. It’s why the effects come in stronger but are lastly less than orally.

See you can vape throughout the day as needed. 1-2 mg at a time is a good thing. You can work up to more depending on your pain levels.

Someone with anxiety doesn’t need a ton of CBD compared to someone in pain from fibromyalgia.

Be blessed. Leave a comment with your questions. I’ll answer them all.

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