Being from the Caribbean I listened to a lot of Bob Marley growing up. All of his sons except one end up being musicians. So, when I found out that Damian Marley was getting into the Cannabis industry a few years ago I was very intrigued. I watch a documentary where he spoke about turning an old prison in California into a pot farm. So when I had the opportunity to try out Stony Hill CBD 500mg CBD Topical Lotion – Blood Orange Scented to help my wrist pain I was pretty stoked.

It’s been raining off and on for the past week and it’s been wrecking havoc on my wrists. While most of my pain is on my right wrist due to osteoarthritis I also have pain in my left wrist. I found out a few years ago that my ligaments in my left wrist were also torn. The doctor and I decided it was best not to have surgery at the time. So, when my left wrist started hurting I decided to try

I also used it on Roni swollen leg and as some of you know, she suffers from blood clots in her leg. We have tried many CBD products to help with the swelling and the pressure pain. CBD has helped her with the pain, but we found that only the full spectrum CBD topicals help reduce the swelling.

Stony Hill CBD 500mg CBD Topical Lotion - Blood Orange Scented

Stony Hill CBD 500mg CBD Topical Lotion – Blood Orange Scented Review

The CBD topical lotion helped relieved her pain and allowed her to have a good night sleep. I rubbed it from her knee down to her toes while massaging her ankle and then back to the knee. This helps push the blood back towards the heart.

Stony Hill’s CBD topical lotion smell pretty good. It smells just like the one from Hemp Lucid. I have to assume that it’s due to the full spectrum and the similar ingredients.

I apply it to my both my wrist and ankle to help with the pain. Over the past 2 weeks, my wrist has been throbbing due to the cold weather. So I have to apply a few times a day to help me deal with the cold and the pain. It reduced my pain for about 3-4 hours.

This past weekend I drove back and forth to Jacksonville. The long drive puts pressure on not only my wrists but my ankle as well. Before, during and after each trip I applied the CBD to my wrists and ankle.

Both nights after being in the car driving for almost 6 hours I applied the cream and was able to relax for the rest of the day.

Overall, I like Stony Hill’s CBD Lotion. Sitting back I thought about all the vibration and the constant moving of my hands every few seconds while driving puts a toll on my wrist. Having the CBD cream help my pain was a plus. If you are someone who is always on the road then I recommend making a purchase and leave it in a cool place in your car. You can have it handy to help your hands and feet ease the pain of driving.

Like the other Full Spectrum Topicals, the prices are more expensive compared to a CBD Isolate based Topical, but you do receive more Cannabinoids.

Stony Hill CBD 500mg CBD Topical Lotion - Blood Orange Scented

Stony Hill CBD 500mg CBD Topical Lotion Description

500 mg of CO2 extracted Hemp CBD with blood orange essential oil.


Cost: $79.99

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