y week has been busy with hard, handy work, and one of the best ways to wind down is taking a nice, hot CBD infused bath. This time, I  incorporated Steve’s Goods Defense 30mg CBD bath bomb into this experience.

One thing I am grateful for is that I live so close to my family. It allows me to see them often and spend quality time with them. My mom recently broke her foot, so I have been visiting weekly to help with household and yard chores while she recovers. I also recently began to help my grandma out with deep house cleaning and yard work as she is selling her house, which has a few acres of land. Her house was built in the 1930’s and has a huge, wide open yard, so it comes with a lot of upkeep.

This last week was a heavy load of work, and my body was beginning to feel run down and sore. I could feel my back and legs were especially sore and stiff. What is a better way to end a solid week of work with a nice hot bath? I decided to throw in the CBD bath bomb to enhance the healing effects of the bath.

Bonus Benefits Along with CBD

One of the essential oils in this product is eucalyptus. Eucalyptus has many beneficial properties, especially due to the fact that it contains the eucalyptol terpene. These benefits include:

My Experience with Enflower CBD Bath Bomb

The bath bomb is a green medium sized ball. It had a pleasant, floral scent. It didn’t fizz when I put it in the bath as some bath bombs do. It softened and crumbled and began to spread around the water. I immediately smelled the eucalyptus and it overtook my senses. I made the affirmation that this bath will help recover my body. Getting into the water, I immediately felt relief. The combination of the warm water, salts, CBD and essential oils immediately had me settled. After 10 minutes of relaxing and finding that sweet spot in the tub, I became still and fell into a meditative state.

I didn’t snap out of it until about 30 min later. I came to my senses again and felt so revitalized. The water was a bit cooler and I was ready to get out. Getting dressed, I noticed the stiffness vanished and I felt no pain whatsoever. My skin was glowing and felt very soft. I didn’t feel the need to apply lotion or anything. My mind felt very relaxed as well as there was no flood of overthinking or egoic judgments.

I definitely recommend Steve’s Goods bath bombs for anyone looking to relax their body from any pains or aches. It also seems to really help to relax the mind and keep you in check with your spirit. Using this bath bomb also is a great way to induce a meditative state.

Product Info: Steve’s Goods Eucalyptus Base 30MG CBD Bath Bomb

Made with full spectrum hemp CBD, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, baking soda, citric acid, astringent, witch hazel, polysorbate, clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus

Price: $9.99

Lab reports can be found on the website.

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