Like my May Stashbox Review, this month’s Stashbox is even more colorful. From the boxes that I’ve seen over the past few months I really appreciate all the effort that goes into having a different theme each month. The Stashbox is a monthly subscription for boxes filled with over $60 worth of items ranging from water bongs to rolling papers to herb grinders.

This month’s box is featuring the Buddie Burner snack pack burner.  The Buddie Burner snack pack burner is a wearable water filtering bong that costs $34.95. It is the perfect traveling companions! You can wear it on the go with the included string necklace!

Stashbox Review - June Box
Stashbox Review – June Box

Stashbox Review

This month’s box is called “Summer Daze” featuring Buddie Burner. They are a company that makes traveling glass bongs. You can wear them on the go with an attached string necklace. These are durable glass and are very super lightweight and small!

June’s Stashbox is a purple and turquoise colored box decorated with tree branches. this month includes some lovely items.

Stashbox Review - June Box
Stashbox Review – June Box Items

My box included:

Buddie Burner

The perfect “companion”! Wearable glass that gets smooth hits from any dry herb. To use the snack pack burner, you fill it with water and then on one end you add your favorite dry herb. You can then light it and inhale from the other end. I also find that it complements the included Kannastor pendant grinder. Support us by using the code “cbdreviews” at checkout.

Stashbox Review - June Box
Stashbox Review – June Box

6 Pack of Cones by Raw

For those who smoke, check out the 6 Pack of Cones by Raw. The cones are made from Organic Hemp. One of the best rolling papers on the market. Burn ever so smooth!

Stashbox Review - June Box
Stashbox Review – June Box

Mini Stash Cookies by Belgian Boys

These are some of the most awesome cookie butter cookies shaped in a cute mustache shape! Perfect 1 oz. bags to eat “on the go”. Contains Allergens: Wheat, Milk. 5-Count Pack.

Stashbox Review - June Box
Stashbox Review – June Box. Nice collection.

Pendant Grinder by Kannastor

I love the cute 1.25-inch grinder. The grinder includes a ball chain necklace. You can even put it in your pocket and let the chain hang out.

Stashbox Review - June Box
Stashbox Review – June Box List

Pot Leaf Dice

They are traditional playing dice with a pot leaf instead of a one.

420 Treemoji Pin

These are cute collectible pins that you can add to any 420 collections. The “420” Treemoji pin is the second limited edition collection pin. It is exclusive for Stashbox subscribers.

This is one of the better boxes that I’ve received. Purchase now from GetStashbox. $30 monthly. Join now! 10% off for new customers.

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