Today the experts at would like to cover the side effects of CBD oil. CBD has many profound effects on the human body, and while the clear majority of these effects are positive there could be some negative effects depending on the person and their individual body chemistry. We will look at all the possible side effects, to give everyone a better idea of what CBD can do.

CBD is a chemical compound found in medical marijuana, the mechanisms of how it works are still being studied, but the effects are certainly being spoken about in scientific circles. While more research is certainly necessary for CBD, there are tons of anecdotal reports to be found that describe the way it helps for certain types of seizures, as well as anxiety and pain. As moderators of the /r/CBDinfo subreddit we have seen many such reports written by our subscribers. Of course, it’s always true to take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt, but the sheer amount of reports written by CBD consumers that can be found on /r/CBD could certainly be data mined for evidence that CBD is effective for the ailments that it is touted to be effective for.

The effects of CBD are determined by the individual’s unique response to CBD. There are some people that are much more sensitive to its effects, while others require a heavier dose to get its benefits. Some of the negative effects of CBD that have been seen in users are headaches and upset stomachs, but these issues could be caused by products that are bunk. That said the reports of negative side effects are few and far between, so it’s very likely that if you find a quality source of CBD that you will experience more benefits than negatives. Be sure to check out’s list of vetted companies, these are companies that contain <.3%THC and are sourced from high grade medical marijuana/hemp.

CBD is a wonderful substance that has been shown anecdotally to have many positive side effects. But if you are extremely sensitive to CBD or get your CBD product from a bad source you may experience some negative side effects. If you do experience negative side effects, depending on the severity, consider trying a different product or a lower dose. CBD works better when taken for a long duration, so it could also be that your body is just getting used to having more cannabidiol in your system. We wish you nothing but the best in your quest for CBD, and we intend to present all the most pertinent information and sources regarding everything about it, to present to all who visit this site the most comprehensive articles about CBD available on the internet.

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