Dr. Jacqueline Montoya is a practicing board-certified, Emergency Medicine and Critical care physician as well as a licensed medical marijuana prescriber and owner of GreenMedMD.

She spends much of her time diligently studying and educating others about the benefits of CBD and medical marijuana to benefit her patients and the community.

Join us on Hemp Hotline this Tuesday at a special time. 6 pm Eastern – 3 pm Pacific.

Webinar link (Zoom platform): www.cbd.how/hh

Dr. Jacqueline Montoya’s background

“ In my primary specialty, I encountered some of the most debilitating and life-threatening medical conditions. During this time, I’ve realized that maintaining health and wellness is the true fountain of youth. Diet, Exercise, Mental and emotional health and using nature to heal the body from the inside out were the key to longevity.

After experiencing the benefits of CBD in my own life whether for muscle recovery after Crossfit workouts, reducing stress after overwhelming days with my three kids, or to help get a good night’s sleep, my mission began to educate and find a way to bring these same benefits to others.

In my Medical practice, I counsel and recommend medical marijuana to patients with qualifying diagnoses. I guide them in obtaining natural relief with medical cannabis. I have also had the privilege to be part of the CBDFit team.
This provided the opportunity to bring together two of my greatest passions cannabis and fitness.

I am focused and dedicated to bringing only the best products to the market and spend many hours researching and overseeing quality assurance and more.

My primary focus is product development, education and ensuring the products are safe and effective so that those who share my passion for wellness can experience all the benefits that CBD has to offer.” – Dr. Jacqueline Montoya

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