Sales of cannabis oil in the past few months has “skyrocket” at the very first health food store in Limerick to stock cannabis oil products, due to calls for cannabis to be legalized for purpose of medical relieve.

Cillin Cleere, the proprietor of Eats of Eden on Thomas Street, a biochemist and nutritional therapist, said that their cannabis oil products are now among their top 10 bestselling products since they began stocking a variety of products four months ago.

“The sales have been astronomical. They have just skyrocketed,” said Mr. Cleere.

Mr. Cleere believes that cannabis should be fully legalized, taxed, and that people should be allowed to grow their own cannabis for their own use.

While he said that cannabis oil can be used for a “range of neurological and physical benefits”, he cautioned that “CBD oil is not a magic bullet or panacea.

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